Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram (HGRD)

Ashram Activities and Events:
UPDATE 3/26/21- Please note: We are now considered to be at the  Green Level of COVID19 and can now allow 50% (about 35-50 people) occupancy inside our temple during Sadhana and Gurdwara according to the State mandates. Face masks are still required and 6 ft. social distancing to enter the Gurdwara to protect yourself and others, especially those at risk. Masks are available in the Gurdwara foyer.

We will continue to broadcast Sunday Gurdwara from 11am-12:30pm and serve langar. We are also continuing with a virtual Akhand Path/Sahej Path with individuals reading in their homes. See Virtual Akhand Path page for more info. Please keep posted for Virtual Yoga Classes that are available online.

Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, named by Yogi Bhajan (aka the Siri Singh Sahib) as the Mother Ashram of Sikh Dharma in the Western hemisphere, promotes spiritual growth and individual, community, and universal unity and healing. We are pleased to provide many great services to our visitors and residents, including morning sadhana, gurdwara services, langars, akhand paths, Kundalini yoga classes, and many other activities.

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Ashram Events - April 2021

Every Sunday from 11am-12:30pm - Broadcasted Sunday Gurdwara program and langar.

April 6 - Remembrance of the Akal Takhat
April 11 - Baisakhi Celebration - Birth of the Khalsa! Details to be announced in the daily ebulletin
April 17 & 18 - Super Health: Yogic Science to Break Habits and Addictive Behavior. Read more here >
April 22 - Earth Day
April 23rd & 24th - Baisakhi Meeting of the International Khalsa Council -  To attend as Observers/Siblings of Destiny, send your request to Sada Bahar Kaur at:  [email protected]
April 26 - Full Moon