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HGRD Mission and Vision Statement

HGRD Corporation Mission and Core Values

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UPDATED - HGRD Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Values
Approved October 14, 2019

Mission Statement

Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, the Mother Ashram of Yogi Bhajan's Legacy, is a spiritual family: serving, sharing, living and practicing the Dharmic teachings of the Healthy, Happy, Holy way of life as a Sikh/Kundalini Yoga Community for the evolution of consciousness within our global communities and for the inclusion, dignity and grace of future generations. 

Vision Statement

Living and growing in consciousness as a spiritual family in order to serve a prosperous sustainable future

 Core Values
  1. Service
  2. Living Experience of the Golden Chain
  3. Fostering a Culture of Leadership through Mentorship
  4. Diverse, Involved, Kind and Caring Community
  5. Self-Sustainability through Ecological Practices and Conscious Business Models
  6. Lighthouse of Security and Peace