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Sant Sipahi Ashram Seva

The purpose of Sant Sipahi Seva is to have awareness of the comings and goings of people into the ashram grounds - especially when there are many sangat members around.

Sevadars help provide a welcoming environment and protection for those who come to the gurdwara to worship or participate in special events.  They are meant to provide sangat members and visitors with a sense that they are welcome into the ashram and will be protected while they are here. They also actively engage newcomers - to assess their intentions and get them on the right track when they come to worship/participate and to provide early warning and act as a deterrent when intent is nefarious.

Currently Sant Sipahi is active during Sunday Gurdwara and special events as requested by the event organizers. Additionally, Sant Sipahi addresses security concerns raised by sangat members and as directed by the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Board.

For more information contact Krishna Singh at 541-337-8595