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Española - City of Love

By Yogi Bhajan

The leaves are changing.
Colors changing - colors in wide range.

Cottonwood trees - golden yellow
Standing tall, such friendly fellows.
The marigolds are fading
In the frosty morning air.

Clear blue sky.
Still full of stars.
Look! A bright star falling!

The crystal air says fall is here.
And announces winter's coming.
Soon the silent snow will fall.
Covering the majestic mountains tall.

But the Guru's home will be warm and sweet,
As we gather at the Guru's feet.
Cozy fire reflecting and malas repeating
The ancient formula of infinite longing.
Near and dear to the true heartbeat.

Española, city of love,
Serene and soft, a pure white dove.
Wide blue skies, star filled nights,
All four seasons, clear and bright.

This is where I have built my dome,
On the sacred soil of God's true home.