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Community Garden

Interfaith Tree Planting Ceremony - Sunday, June 5, 2016

Come join us for an Interfaith Tree Planting Ceremony on Sunday, June 5, 2:00pm 

The Hacienda de Guru Ram Das is honored to host a tree planting ceremony as part of the interfaith "Peace Tree Movement." This movement was initiated to bring people of all backgrounds to join together in the effort to plant more trees and raise awareness about their vital importance to life on earth now and for future generations. 

"Trees and plants are absolutely necessary for the purification of vital energy, the life force. If everyone participates in tree planting, in just a short period we can restore nature's beauty to the face of the world.” - Amma

"If you really want to honor Guru Ram Das, plant a tree." - Yogi Bhajan 

The tree planting will be following langar, around 2:00 pm in our Guru Amar Das Community Garden. We welcome you and your prayers for our earth.

Spring 2016 - Garden & Greenhouse

We had a new greenhouse raising on Saturday, March 19th so now we have two lovely greenhouses with some steps built up to the upper level.


Greenhouses Available - January 2016

Sat Nam, I am sad to announce that Khalsa Greenhouses will be moving out of our greenhouses on Prosperity Path on April 30th this year. We are looking for renters for the greenhouses beginning May 1, or perhaps growing ourselves and paying an employee. I am open to any ideas any one has about how to best use the greenhouses to prosper, eat healthy, and keep positive energy in them. Blessings for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

~ Gurubani Kaur - [email protected]

Garden Update - October 2015

Bhagat Bir Singh - is our lead gardener. He's originally from NYC and Hungary and moved here permanently last Spring with the intent of living a strong yogic lifestyle. He was one of the leaders of the Summer Solstice setup crew last summer. He's a dedicated yogi and very committed to the Community Garden project. He's planning on being here through next Summer at least.
Corinne - is from LA and came to us through the WWOOFR web site. She has a son Atlas who has been going to Trio school when Corinne is working. Corinne and Atlas are staying very near the garden with some sangat members that wish to remain anonymous. She and Atlas will be here a just one more week.

Jai Mohan Singh - is from Australia (Sydney) and came to us through the KRI Immersion course - he saw what we're doing and wanted to stay on and help out. He also a very committed yogi (sadhana every day) and a tireless worker. When there's a tough problem to be solved, we all look to Jai Mohan because we know he will "get the job done!"
Preeti - is from California and also came to us through the KRI Immersion course, and she's also a very dedicated yogi (sadhana and extra yoga sets every day). She sings beautifully. She loves working in the garden - to her it is a great great gift. She'll be here through November.