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Yogi Bhajan: Where hope and Gurdwara Merge

Sat Nam Dear Family,

We in this dharma have the greatest blessing, but forget it all the time. Everyone wants hope in life. It’s the sexiest thing on the planet. We who practice Sikh Dharma don’t just want hope, we live in it. Our hope, our dream, are our standard has come true. We are our hope, but do we remember it, revere it, enjoy it?

Living our hope means living our way out of the hustle and bustle of this world. We do this through compassion, exemplified by patience, tolerance and forgiveness. That doesn’t mean that we are not prepared for everything, we are, but these virtues define us, they remain our standard.

Living our hope also means dealing with death confidently, appropriately, and reverently. With our Kundalini Yoga practice, our teachings, our Guru ji’s help, and God’s protection, death becomes the living portal to Infinity, Eternity, Salvation, Liberation. In fact, our standard is to be dead while alive, where death and life merge. This state of consciousness, the forth state, is called Turia.

Are we taking advantage of our advantage? Some are, some not so much. Why? is it apathy, anger, fear, association, identity? All come into play. The real question is why, why do we allow anything to get in the way of our advantage, our blessing?

Sure, there are fabricated reasons to do so. ‘I’m tired, I’m too old, I didn’t get what I wanted out of my advantage. I’m mad, I’m identifying with something else now, I’m…, I’m…, ‘ in place of I Am, I Am.

Excuses may satisfy emotions, but do they satisfy commitment, contentment, understanding, the soul? Emotion doesn’t count when karma is called. Our attitude, devotion, elevation does. Will you experience this contentment, or will you be satisfactorily unsatisfied with unrequited hope?

One of the great advantages in this dharma is that all, everyone, is welcome. We actually only have one friend in this dharma, Guru Ram Das ji. This is truly the only association of any consequence. He built and rules this dharma. How can you make Him your friend if you don’t visit Him?

I can hear the retorts now, ‘Well, I visit him in my mind, in my meditation, in my sadhana.’ Good for you. Anything is better than nothing. Nevertheless, if you want to experience the intimacy of a relationship it takes work, it doesn’t happen automatically.

A community working together in this vain is vastly more powerful than any individual. When parents, children, someone you love, hasn’t been seen for a while, doesn’t everyone yearn for the intimacy of physical association? Of course, we all do.

It’s no different with Guru Ram Das. He wants to see you. Like a loving father, He misses you. He longs to see your sacrifice, see your service, your devotion. He wants to reciprocate your love. He loves it when you visit His home, Gurdwara. His affection is reciprocated when you touch the marble floor in his honor. He adores it when His house is considered your home. His tenderness is experienced when you sing His shabds. His devoted friendship is on display when you acknowledge His Chardi Kala nature, wishing well to all. This is where true hope is a living experience and carried throughout life.

Here is where the great advantage this dharma is realized if we don’t let ego and/or emotion get in the way. Visit your Guru Ram Das in his home, the Gurdwara. Please, don’t let anything get in your way. Patience, tolerance, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, and love are the reward for your visit. The frequency of visits cement these values deeper and deeper into the consciousness, until they become who you’ve become. 

Hope has not only been lived and experienced, but amalgamated into you. You and Guru Ram Das are more than friends, you’re lovers, lovers in the deepest sense. Lovers because both think alike and worship alike in the same direction from God.

Guru Ram Das and His students become one, one in consciousness. Understanding of the ups and downs of this world are settled and lived in joy and devotion. Living the experience of being dead while alive perceives death in proper perspective through Turia consciousness. Please, don’t forget to visit Guru ji often, He’s waiting, He’s available. Hope will be realizes. Stay Tuned,

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan