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Yogi Bhajan: Spirituality Who?

Sat Nam Dear Family,

I laugh when others judge another’s spirituality. "Oh, he’s not really spiritual. He fakes it." Well, fake it til you make it. "She’s just diluting herself. She’s following her own course." Well, what if her course matches up with Infinity? Nothing’s right or wrong, thinking makes it so.

First of all, all is God. Every great religion on this planet has verified this truth. In addition, many others have found this truth on their own. Once it’s experienced, it must be acknowledged in all forms, in other religions, in anything. Without this acknowledgement, there is no real experience of God, the Creator of All.

Once this is accepted, then if follows that since everything is God’s Creation, and God is pure spirit and makes everything therefrom, therefore: everything, everyone, is made of spirit and is spiritual by nature. Who’s spiritual and who’s not becomes self-evident to those in touch with their true spirituality.

"Judgement is mine," sayeth the Lord. But, judge we do. We all do it to some degree or another, with or without our conscious consent. Only God is perfect, so there’s no need in continuing to judge ourself, Your reality is already settled. Leave the guilt behind as it’s no longer necessary. Guilt steals your focus. Just focus on becoming more and more non-judgmental. That’s the bottom line.

How to do that? How do I suspend the judgement of others, becomes the next step. First, let me tell you what your judgement does to you. It creates doubt, fear, and, mostly, the inability to forgive. Judgement limits a persons capacity to become a true leader - of themselves and of others. Understanding of others will pass them by “Don’t confuse me with the fact’s, my mind’s already made up," (sarcasm intended) becomes their mantra.

Look to see others through their window of reality. It’s as real as yours, maybe even more so. Understand reality from another’s perspective. Truly understand it. I didn’t say accept it. You may or may not, or may accept some thing but not others, but at least understand it from the perspective of another. This is a good practice to do. It will expend you right away.

Next, once an acceptable level of purity of understanding is understood, pray to God. Pray that the true understanding of another’s window’s, goodness or otherwise, will not be made by you. There must be no judgement attached to your intuition. That means that whatever direction you're given, you must follow. You may or may not like it, that can no longer matter.

You will find that a balance is reached. that balance may be produced by a heavy dose of reality on one side, or the other. Or, it may way equally with the scales balanced right in the middle. None of that is your call. Your call is to follow where the balance lies, period.

When this process is consciously completed, neutrality is result and reached with confidence. Each who reach this state of being know its truth while others continue to argue about it. Neutrality is reached when the Law of Polarities is understood to the point of experience. It’s an intuitive awareness and experience or paradoxes which is verified in life being lived at another level, an intuitive, protected, a provided for level.

Actually, all this is is just a little higher spirit being experienced. That’s what people call ‘being spiritual.’ In a way it is, Neutrality is an expression of the Infinite, God. So, practice non-judgement and learn a lot. It’s mind-blowing to know you know through neutrality. This is where God’s neutrality is experienced. Stay tuned,

In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,
MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
Chief of Protocol
Custodian General of Sikh Dharma International Sangat Representative