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Yogi Bhajan: Spiritual Warrior, What?

Sat Nam Dear Family,

I don’t think people, especially Sikhs, have appreciated the God-infused, warrior nature of Guru Gobind Singh. I’ve been blessed to see it. It still exists in the nature of some Punjabis. It’s beyond what you’d expect. It’s relentless, it’s continuous, it’s victorious. The thing is though, it can be victorious through bullying or honor. This fight has gone on since the beginning of existence. Nevertheless, the Punjabi way is born out of the spirit of Guru Gobind Singh.

It exists today. It’s real. It’s beautiful. It carries with it the history of our lifestyle. It’s who we are. However, the question remains, how much manners have we maintained to go with our warrior nature? This is what separated Guru ji from the rest. Guru ji possessed the manners to balance his earthly nature. The more of his nature and manners displayed, the more royalty and humility remain in your practice of Sikhism, the more real your practice is.

Even Guru ji’s manners restrained him. He was bound by the dictum of God. If God said forbearance was required, there was no question how to proceed…forbearance it was! A side note here. Forebearance: patience, self-control, restraint and tolerance! The Guru talks about this idea often in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. It is usually in the trio of “Jap, Tap, Sanjam” meaning “meditation, self-discipline and self-restraint."

Guru Gobind Singh is the ultimate, Infinite warrior. Following God’s dictum made him this noble, spiritual warrior, the ultimate warrior. The manners to follow God’s dictum allowed Guru ji and his warriors to act in God’s stead. Guru Gobind Singh had the manners of a spiritual warrior, a Sikh spiritual warrior, a sovereign Khalsa spiritual warrior. Guru ji’s manners and spirit made him the story of legends. He led with power and humility, honor and faith. He led by example. He led in this world and the next. His sword has always stood for righteousness. Any other interpretation is just completely wrong.

Guru ji knew that righteousness is outside anyones opinion, knowledge, or fact. Righteousness is only God’s call, so you’d better be in tune with God to get it right. Righteousness means that your actions are in agreement with God’s direction. And the wonderful news is that even if you’re wrong, just the projection of your righteous goes a long way with God. It’s a true win, win.

It is the manners of Sikh Dharma which leads the way. No need to worry or wonder if you’re doing the right thing, a roadmap has been simply laid out for you to follow so you can get what you’re looking for. It’s so simple that it seems so easy. It is, and it’s not. Sikh Dharma says, you don’t have to be a sage, you don’t have to be a Brahmin, you don’t have to be a Yeshiva boy, you don’t have to be anything, all you have to do is continually remember Guru ji, loving Him more and more. You are never done. His love is Infinite, so this beautiful experience continually deepens.

The manners of a Sikh calls for devotion. Our Guru is so merciful that he lays out a plan for us to love him more the way he likes. No wasting time. He tell us what He wants. He wants us to remember him as much as possible, and continue to practice loving him more. In return, Guru ji makes no promises except that those who serve him as he wants benefit the most. That’s normal, understandable, and doable.

How has the Guru helped us? What’s different about what He says or commands? Why should we practice loving Him more and more? What’s in it for us? Everything, that’s what! Your salvation, your liberation, your merger into the light, whatever you want to call it, it becomes real. Your fear blanket, your worry shoes, your jealous coat is lifted. A life under the protection of God is the only life truly worth living. This is what devotion can bring to your life.

Our blessed Guru isn’t done with us yet. He teaches us how to love Him His way better and better. Chant the Nam. That’s it, and that’s all. God is vibration brought into light, and translated into sound so this whole phenomenal Universe can exist. The same process happens to each one of us individually. The more we chant God’s Name, the more we hear God’s Name, the more we remember God’s Name, the more we remember God, the better it is for us.

Guru ji goes further. He gives us the Name of God which best goes with Sikh Dharma. This mantra of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaja is no secret. It’s wide open like Guru ji’s teachings. Wahe Guru. Wa He Gu Ru! Practice it every morning. Practice it every night. In between, have fun. Guru ji didn’t really have much time for fun, but like all loving fathers, he wants more for us. Life shall be fun and the Khalsa will assure it continues to be so.

Remembrance of God’s Name becomes automatic. So much so that past tragedies no longer exist. In Sukhmani, the Bani of Guru Arjan Dev, he writes, “God’s servants cause sorrows to be forgotten”. Life is seen and experienced in a state of equilibrium, neutrality. This is where God lives. This is where the teachings become real. For instance, creating your own reality becomes reality. Only, there’s a cost for it. The cost is surrender. And we surrender to the Sikh path. The Sikh way is beautiful. We stand for righteousness, we fight for righteousness and we engage with all the vigor it takes to represent our Guru ji’s righteousness.

The exchange for leaving your emotions and judgements aside is an experience of elevated consciousness. It’s an experience so great that emotions seem mundane, unsatisfying, and common. It’s the experience of living in a state where you remember God so much that everything you do, think, or say is a reflection of His praises. His praises bring the experience of what we call bliss. In eastern scriptures it is called Anand. Yes, it’s a heavy cost to pay, as emotions and judgements are part of us. But think of the alternative and see what this new way of thinking brings. Then keep-up following Guru ji, see what happens! Stay tuned,


In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,
MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
Chief of Protocol
Sangat Representative