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Yogi Bhajan: Road to God's Protection

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Is there a any religion which says that love isn’t the answer? Of course not. Religion is the science of reality. Love is reality in Totality. In other words, God is the perpetual, Infinite, love experience of Totality. This endless vibration of love is perpetually deeper and deeper until the student and the Guru, the student and God, and the student himself become One. 

Nevertheless, there are divisions of love. Please, let me explain. Physical love, mental love, self-love, love of achievement, love of another, love of hate, love of chaos, you name it, are all forms of love - worldly forms. The highest form of love is love of God. All other forms have limits. For a spiritual aspirant, love of God is the correct journey, so let’s go there.

Love of God is easy to explain. Everyone has an image of what God is. Most anthropomorphize Him, turn God into someone with whom we can identify. Someone like us. Almost all religions and lifestyles participate. It’s difficult to imagine God as the vibration (sound current, mantra) of love; it’s much easier to identify with Guru Nanak, Jesus, or Moses. We can easily see the image of them as human and love them accordingly. 

God is as we view Him. He acts like a chameleon as He changes with the viewer’s perspective. Does He really change. No, it’s we who change. It’s God’s game, not ours. He’s difficult to pin down, although that’s the journey. We put Him in one box or another, pray to Him, and act accordingly. However, God is not this chameleon act. Above His performance is the real God, the true God. He’s everything, including His varying performances. He is the puppeteer and the puppet; He pulls the strings, and is the strings.

God has divisions, major divisions. Some see Him as someone to whom we pray for gifts. Still, others see Him as the cause of their distemper and want to eliminate Him from their lives. Still others, a few, see God in perfect harmony with His image of righteousness personified. All is God’s expression of love viewed through one’s karma which determines one’s view.

Most see God as a combo-pack containing pieces of all kinds of His love. Unfortunately, this is usually based on needs - a partner, a new car, money, you can plug-in anything. This is O.K. as It calls on God, and that’s a good thing, God is in focus, but it’s limited. God becomes a bargaining chip, but there’s more, much more. 

When God’s righteousness changes our focus from  ‘needs’ to’ ‘wants,’ the real game of life begins. I didn’t say God’s ‘wants’, that comes later. 

Our ‘wants’ include more than our needs. Our view of the Infinite has expanded into greater self-esteem. Sure, some ‘wants’ are harmful, but on a spiritual path they should be limited. “Wants’ should, therefore, attract gratitude, faith, and deliverance. Some degree of God’s love.

As the progression shifts to what God’s ‘wants,’ true love matures in our focus. This move from our ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ into His ‘wants’ should demand only one ‘want.’ God is to be served and prayed to for God’s sake and love, no longer ours.

This is the ultimate ‘want’ because this pursuit is in submission to what God ‘wants.’ When God recognizes that the student ‘wants’ the right thing and ‘wants; the opportunity of following His direction, He blesses him with His state of protection. Now, he’s ready to be tested, big time.

Is the student’s commitment to righteousness true and continual? Does he reflect God’s compassion? The result of this opportunity is God’s protection through following His way. It’s the biggest trade-off, deal ever. It’s the deal of Infinity. Whatever limits, fear, hate, anger, and/or guilt you possess, which normally inhibit God’s flow of love, and when the student follows God’s will, God recognizes the depth of the student’s love and covers ALL.

God does provide the confidence to make this transition easier through bestowing upon the student verification of his journey with treats along the way. After All, God already knows what your ‘wants’ are and will take care of it in honor of righteous service and devotion. 

Here’s the key. The student has to go first. He can’t just wait for God’s protection. Serving God’s will through serving His creation compassionately, and devotionally, loving God more and more, brings to God’s awareness the student’s sincerity. As the student begins to view ALL the world through the compassion of God’s love, God reciprocates. He has no choice. God does follow His own rules.

God loves a student’s devotion. God loves to be worshiped, and grants his first treat, gratitude, to the student.  When a student’s devotion becomes ‘never enough,’ God loves the student more and more. It’s the first experience of God’s protective reciprocation.  

After ALL, God IS ALL love. What a game! Moreover, God loves the students who’s love of Him is displayed through thoughts, words and deeds. These are God’s ‘wants.’ He wants to be worshipped in order to reveal how much love the student has. Worshipping God is like worshipping yourself through the personification, identity, of Him. So, knowing who your God is is very, very important. Does your God represent love through compassion to ALL? If so, that’s a real winner, stay with it. If not, it’s best to move on.

Love through compassion is a display of love which is called ‘ant beant,’ beyond the beyond, endless and eternal. This is where the true love of God exists. God’s love, bestowed through His protection, is endless, Infinite, and in Totality. A life lived in this state of consciousness is a life of no fear, no vengeance, no insecurity blocking His love. His love is the true gift which keeps on giving. It never ends, it never gets old, it’s a love which really can’t be explained, only experienced. 

The more a student gives his service and devotion, the more he receives. That’s the way it works, and I can’t change it. And, I don’t want to. It’s not for the student to like or dislike, judge or not. It’s the spiritual test of obedience. In this dharma, it’s obedience to righteousness that matters, no matter what. The more obedient one is to something, anything, the more like his object of obedience he becomes until he becomes the spitting image.

Here’s the really simple part. A student is called to the duty of God by his own actions. Compassion leads to righteousness. If the student’s commitment to righteousness begins and ends with compassion, that commitment is righteous. Make sure and know that when compassion is a big part of your commitment, the love receive for this compassionate love will be pure. In the west, it’s called Agape love, but it’s more, much more. It’s truly loving God eternally deeper and deeper. In other words, keep-up loving God through compassion no matter what.

One thing this journey has taught me is that it’s all God’s grace. An aperient can do everything he’s supposed to do and still not perceive any reward. That’s the problem right there… reward. God and Guru know preferences, ‘wants,’ so the student’s preferences are God’s gifts, rewards, blessings. When preferences are no longer preferred, then God reciprocates deeper. It takes a ‘no-time-limit’ projection, a one-pointedness focus. and a keep-up spirit. It’s that easy, and that hard. It’s the polarity game again at play. Just keep-up and live in the faith that all will be O.K. Stay tuned,


Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan