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Yogi Bhajan: Pole Jumping, A Miracle

Sat Nam Dear Family,

God is All. We accept that. All great religions accept that and it happens to be true. Because God is All, then God must be both good and evil, but how can that be? If He’s good, He can’t do bad things, and vice versa. Or, can He?

This issue has created a subculture of Christian theologians debating theories for millennia. Volumes and volume of books have been written on the subject. No matter how much debate there is, no theories have been found as true. That’s because the truth is found in another dimension. This is very difficult for many people to understand as it relies on faith, belief. It takes real faith, not fake faith. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

Let’s do an exercise. Let’s suppose that we’re up thirty thousand feet looking down at ourselves as if we’re watching ourselves in a movie. From this perspective we can see why things happen in our lives. It can be very scary unless you have a way beyond fear. Rather than living the script, you begin to see what the purpose of the script is in reality.

The truth dawns upon you. You begin to see yourself, viewing God as you want to see him. He is what you see him to be. In other words, you create your own God, but you don’t see it. You're left with how your karma sees it as automatic and non-controllable. Are you locked in?

Religions, cultures, tribes and karma dictates how we see God in one way or another. Polarities create the Universe: without dark there is no light, without left there is no right, without hate there is no love. At one time or another all stops between opposites have been worshipped… and still are.

God distributes karma along this pole of how He’s viewed. If your karma has blessed you with that mark of heaven’s destiny written on your forehead, God will grant karma with a life of contentment, God will be viewed with honor. If your karma is of hate, you will view God as distant, disrespectful and with degradation.

The student who can see their hidden story within this different dimension is allowed the blessing, the opportunity, to change focus and see God only in the highest light - which is the best thing a person can do for him/herself. If there is a way to change karma, this is it. This is hard to accept. I understand that. It’s meant to be this way.

What does an alternative dimension have to do with our view of things? Isn’t it smart to deal with what you can see? Otherwise, are we chasing rainbows? How do we know that it even really exists? Can’t it just be used of control?

Sure, all these things can be true. It’s also true that the opposite is real. Not everything can be measured by our worldly standards alone. Our spiritual standards are of the highest order in all of God’s playground, which includes both earthly and heavenly worlds. If the truth is real, and we have a standard of truth, our consciousness will be elevated through that understanding, through that experience.

Good and evil are at God’s command. God sits in the middle, in neutrality, in truth. God doesn’t judge one as good or bad, He sees it all as necessary to keep His dance of the universe going. Otherwise, without the music playing, the dance dies and the universe darkens into nothingness, once again. I’m talking science, not just metaphysics.

God teaches us that judgement is not His way. God is so non-judgmental that he doesn’t even judge His own creation. Good and evil are not seen as right and wrong, but rather as necessary to keep the music playing. He knows it’s all his dance, a necessary dance. He’s in charge. He always was in charge. He’s in charge now, and he’ll always be in charge. Follow God’s example and practice non-judgement and see everything in a new light. A much brighter light. See the truth in good and evil. A non-judgmental attitude allows for this intuitive understanding.

Stay tuned.

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan