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Yogi Bhajan: Perception is Reality

Sat Nam, Dear Family,

There are three realms of truth: elementary, circumstantial, and infinite. Basically, they’re self-explanatory. Elementary is your perception of reality as an earthly function. Circumstantial is time-sensitive and is a heavenly function. Infinite is true, was true, and will always be true, and is a Godly function. Pretty straight forward.

One who sees life through these three lenses, magnifies his perception geometrically. Here’s the deal. If you haven’t visited the circumstantial realm, or the Infinite realm of truth, as most people don’t, you won’t, and shouldn’t believe either really exist, or that these realms are the truth. That’s the way it is and I can’t do anything about it except pray for God’s mercy.

Here’s the thing. As perception governs the immediate world we live in, our perception is limited to this relative reality and the time and space in which we currently reside. The question becomes, how do we break out of our perception to see a different view, a wider view, a deeper view?

In order to expand our perception, we must have the flexibility, the courage, the honor, the blessing, the love to proceed into the great pain of touching the unbearable, seeing the intolerable, and hearing the un-hearable. That’s the beginning of an expanded perception, an elevated awareness.

This is the beginning of understanding and experiencing circumstantial truth and Infinite truth. Are we willing to hear, see, and experience truths which are uncomfortable to visit? Certainly, actions taken by our forefathers are not be acceptable as the truth now. Too much science and education, and communication, to believe what turned out to be conspiracy theories. Wait! Forget it. That’s for another time. Circumstantial truth says that what’s acceptable as true today may not be acceptable truth tomorrow.

It’s funny. We judge others by our own standards thinking we’re acting righteously without considering another’s perception. Ultimately, you may have the right opinion yourself, but what about understand another to gain greater perception? I think most will agree that that would be good to do.

The problem is the discipline and accompanying pain it takes to expand perception. The first obstacle is why? Why do I want to do, why is it necessary to expend my perception? The answer is to understand the true three realms of reality better and better. Why? To allow for the opportunity of living a life of true relevance and reverence. Do you mean that my life isn’t relevant? It may be totally relevant in elementary truth. Nevertheless, without even a sniff of understanding of circumstantial and Infinite truth, your are a prisoner to elementary truth. That’s a fact. What to do?

Courage will take you beyond the DNA tendency in all of us to avoid pain rather than go into it voluntarily. We literally  lubricate, inebriate, and debate our way out of pain without ever realizing that the courage it takes to hear the un-hearable is the cure. Pain is the remedy, pleasure is the malady, the curse. Here’s the secret, pain and its experience through elevation allows for pleasure without the curse. A great trade-off.

Pain is endured, elevated, through forgiveness, and removed by God. Forgiveness is the remedy for God’s help. God does hear the pleas of those, whoever they are, who have found a way to truly forgive. First, by forgiving themselves for all their unforgivable acts. You have to mean it. You can’t fake God out, but he does love you to practice sincerely. Forgive yourself for everything, everything you know or don’t know about. This takes the courage to believe that the perception that God does really care, and he does truly forgive you is true. That’s a tough one, but you can’t really forgive another if you haven’t forgiven yourself. You can only give to someone else what you have yourself. So, self-forgiveness is a self-cleansing process leading to the forgiveness of others.

I recognize that this process is not for everyone, although it should be. Many ridicule such a process. That’s as it should be. No problem. Karma is karma and only God can change it. All I do is point those looking for another perception in the right direction to find it God’s way. Not my way...God’s way. 

I’ve found God’s way through Sikh Dharma. The truth found in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is Infinite truth. Test it out. It will ring many bells. At some level within our perception, we subconsciously remember the experience of reincarnation and the otherworldly, heavenly, experience from which we came. A time-travel experience through the Infinite truth of God’s existence, followed by the decent into the circumstantial truth of traveling down into the elementary worldly truth of this worlds perception.

Sikhism reveals all three realms of the truth through this view of Infinity. Infinity trumps all. Infinity is God. Call if as you may, I just want to call Him by one of his real names. That’s the Sikh way to the truth. Every cell, every ten bodies, every synapses in my brain, every thought in my mind has been transformed into the remembrance of Wahe Guru. Guru Ram Das has shown me this way through His love. Stay tuned.

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan