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Yogi Bhajan: Out Doubt

Sat Nam Dear Family,

For most, life has much too much pain and drudgery. That may not be a bad thing, The journey toward spirituality begins with the thought, the desire, the commitment to do more to find happiness. Few, very very few come to spiritually who are happy with their life. And, few keep-up with the necessary discipline spirituality offers to attain happiness. Nevertheless, it turns out that the journey unto happiness is real. 

Doubt is one of the mollifying, molding and mesmerizing ways to deny that God’s in charge - of everything. We judge that God isn’t who He say’s He is. Otherwise, why would we still be in such pain? We think, "Where is He when I need him most?" And, doubt typically wins. 

The memory of doubt is the killer of ALL dreams. When a student’s dreams are for righteousness, for true happiness, for service to God, it hurts me to see them give into their duality.

Doubt is the precursor to judgement, and judgement is duality at work. It’s a vicious’s the true original sin. My advice, deal with the deepest cause and hit the issue straight-on. Doubt is the culprit and must become the focus of transcendence. 

When excuses for life become necessary because the student’s path has been abandoned, it hurts. It hurts so much that the pain of giving-up becomes less painful as more and more excuses are exercised. Excuses become worthwhile. At this point, continuing to pursuing God’s way, the pursuit of happiness, becomes timeless. Excuses are self-abuses.

There’s the true story of a young man who took a job as a salesman. After one year, he was the top salesperson in the firm. Not only that, he was the best salesperson in his category in the country. He was awarded a trophy in recognition of his work. Not only that, but he was the best at almost every category a salesperson needs. He was the king of sales even though he was still young. 

One afternoon our salesman friend was having lunch with a fellow salesman. The other salesman took the risk and asked, “How do you do it? What makes you the best at selling?” 

Our friend answered, “Every morning, right after I get up, I repeat many times, “I’m the greatest salesperson in the world. I’m the best there is. I set the standard. I always make the sale, unless God intervenes." While I shower, as I make breakfast, I say this mantra over and over. When I drive to meet a client, as I plan to be well prepared, as I enter a clients office, I repeat, "I’m the best salesman in the world." When I prepare for bed, I remind myself again and again of how great a salesperson I am. And, as it turns out, he was the best.

Now, if a salesperson can remind himself that he’s the best salesperson in the world and create his own reality to be(come), why shouldn’t a good student plug-in a spiritual mantra like this, “I am the Master, I am God’s representative, of this I have no doubt, I am truly happy,” Isn’t that the goal - to be happy?

Yes, happiness does take work, but the rewards are great. They are incremental, progressive and elevating. Each piece of happiness comes with great challenges and fabulous rewards. It takes courage, commitment, discipline and purpose to succeed.

This seems to be out of reach for most, and it is. But, for those lucky few with that mark of destiny on their forehead, and who keep-up in pursuing a place in service to God, God bestows upon them the blessing of making ALL within their reach.

Say to yourself, "I am the servant of God. I may not yet know why, but He has chosen me. He has His reasons. I do the best for Him. My life goes on, but with more and more purpose. I experience this because God wants this of me. He wants the best servants, so that’s who I am. I serve at and for His pleasure." God blesses those who think like this. It’s the unspoken rule. 

This blessing from God provides the prosperity to conquer all challenges, and win. Any doubt, or duality is defeated. God’s Infinite gift is to make ALL within our reach through one-pointedness of purpose. When this truth is realized, doubt no longer haunts us. This true experience in prosperity must be balanced through understanding that without the blessings of God, we are nothing. This is humility and submissiveness at work. In the western world it’s called Humility and Honor. 

Please, take the risk. No matter how you feel, keep-up and know that true happiness is just around the corner because it is.   

Your Friend, 

Hari Jiwan