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Yogi Bhajan: Mirror of God

Sat Nam Dear Family,

How can He, God, do such good things as well as evil acts? Well, as all holy books tell us, as our history verifies, and as our experiences attests to, everything, and I mean everything, is under Gods command, God’s will. So, how can He be both good and evil?

This question has been the essence of a doubtful student’s journey since time began. How can God create a Holocaust, make a Charles Manson, and still be a loving God? It’s hard to get. Please let me explain.

The way to God’s attention, answer, and love, is through His praise. Praise God, don’t judge Him. He’s beyond your judgement. Praise God, Praise Guru, Praise the Almighty. That’s all you hear from all great religions. That’s because it’s true and it works. Thousands of years of history stand behind the benefits in praise of God. The fact is, God wants your praise.

Yes, God knows that you can easily judge Him, that’s what keeps the game of elevation alive. He made it that way. He’s made it easy to judge His perceived ill work. Good and ill actions and thoughts are a form of karma. A student can change his karma through a positive projection.

The truth is, God is as you perceive Him to be. Students are either good, bad, or doubtful (indifferent) in this perception. Doubtfulness is the worst state to be in as you direction and commitment are unclear.

God is a chameleon. Can you accept everything, and I mean everything that God does as His will, His blessing? Praising God in ALL and in ALL actions is excepting everything as God’s love. Love God no matter what, anything, anyone says, writes about, or does. Really, it’s just between the student and God. The student’s true view will depict his relationship with Infinity.

Think of it like this. Karma can be measured as if it’s a thermometer. Zero would be karma at the lowest level, total disregard for God’s goodness; One hundred reads perfect devotion to God’s will, as everything is seen as His sacred application of karma leading to karmas ultimate removal. This scale is not about success or happiness, it’s a measurement of trust, faith, belief, and love in God, period. 

When a student directs himself to see God as only good, doubt subsides. It turns out that God’s goodness answers evilness through belief, true faith. Faith becomes a ‘God goodness’ receptor. Faith deters doubt. Doubt is the killer of all dreams. Faith promotes one- pointedness which keeps the protection towards God’s goodness pure

Faith can move mountains, otherwise stones are heavier. Most importantly, faith in the continual praise of God, provides the bliss of intuitive poise through love..

Won’t this Pollyanna view only lead to abuse? Not at all. We Sikhs are well prepared for whatever. Our projection may be viewed as Pollyanna, however our actions and thoughts are neutral. We are well prepared because we also see the worst in order to prepare for it, we are not Pollyannas. We are whole, organic, Sikhs.

From a spiritual perspective, the law of polarities states that for every action there shall be an equal opposite reaction.This also happens to be Newton’ third law of physics. Physically and metaphysically, this law applies. Our shadow opposite is there. We can deny it, suppress it, deflect it, defend against it, we have a lot of tools at our command, nevertheless our opposite remains. If the shadow is good, embrace it; if it’s not, prepare for it.

God’s no dummy. You can’t fool God. He made you like you are, and will make you like you’ll be. It’d be like God trying to fool Himself. It won’t work, although we humans try all the time. So, get with the program, go with the flow, don’t be left behind.

God is a mirror, He is as you see him. He is you! You and God are one. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth. The caveat is how you view God. Is He your invention, or is He a product of a structure you accept as true? It turns out that He’s both. All the faith in the world can take a student in the wrong direction quickly if your image, or your structure and/or person provides a false image. How a student views God is the most important thing in a student’s life.

Faith has its own reward. Even faith in the wrong thing attains God’s notice. That is, if the student truly believes that his faith is in truth. If not, all the faith in the world will be wasted. Therefore, whatever you believe to be true, follow that, but do so with flexibility as God’s attention takes more than faith. God’s attention takes faith with flexibility, the flexibility to redirect projection when necessary.

Please remember, God doesn’t care what you think, believe, or want, He enjoys the game it provides. He doesn’t get frustrated , angry, hateful, jealous, or fearful. He’s steady like a Kryptonite rock. He sees our potential as well as our fate when He’s so viewed.

What about our ill fortune? Doesn’t God do that too? Sure, if you allow Him to. God is under the control of the student as much as the opposite is true. Again, God is Infinite and finite, male and female, light and dark. So, please, don’t judge misfortune, don’t judge pain. See God only in the in the light, in the love, in the Infinity, of His goodness.

A student is in control of his own destiny. The anomaly is that God is as well. Continually, no matter what the circumstances, project yourself as God’s loving, helpful, protective, devotional mirror. This will change your life and make life full of light. 

My prayer is that the answers God provides lighten your load. Since He’s taken away my burden, He can and will do the same for you. Why not? It’s really the only life truly worth living.

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan