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Yogi Bhajan: Marry the Scary Carry

Yogi Bhajan, Marry the Scary Carry


Sat Nam Dear Family,


“Hari Jiwan, I’m sitting here with a young lady who’s perfect for your office. Can you take care of it? She’ll be a great help?” The Siri Singh Sahib’s voice and command were unmistakable. “Sure,” I responded, “I’ll send someone over to pick her up now if it’s your will.” This wasn’t the first time he sent someone over to work for me, it was a rather usual routine. I accommodated. If at times, his request would create too much pressure, I let him know and he understood. He had other outlets, but that was rare.


What bothered me was when he’d occasionally add a sales pitch to his request as he did in this instance, ‘she’ll be of great help.’ Didn’t he know that I didn’t need to be sold? Didn’t he know of my commitment? Hasn’t he noticed my acquiescence to his commands? What more could I do? Have I misjudged myself? Do I need to do more so there’s no sales job needed?  


As I later learned, he was just automatic in giving his sales pitch. Some students needed it, others not at all, but all got it indiscriminately. Nevertheless, the more I accommodated him, the more he liked it, until he realized that he had total accommodation over me. With only gratitude from me, he took over my business, and my life - totally. I was obedient. I was lucky, as all his students are. I’ll tell you how.


There’s a thing called compassion. Compassion has many arms. One powerful arm is called carrying. To a true teacher, carrying means providing an environment, mental, spiritual, and spiritual, for the student to flourish. That means all that those who commit to him as his teacher need to be provided for. It’s God’s work.


He did this work and I, along with others, was blessed to help. That’s all it’s about. At that point, my life was no longer up to me. This sacred work is still available to all. You don’t need a certificate, a license, or whatever. Just self-initiate yourself into helping serve this nature of our beloved teacher. See what happens.


I can hear the cries now, ‘I don’t have the wherewithal to carry others. I’m still worried about carrying myself.’ That’s fair. However, does one ever have enough wherewithal to do this job? Of course not, especially carrying the emotional/commotional part of another. The physical part is usually easy compared to the other components. Having said all that, just get started.


With our beloved teacher, it was just the opposite. His lack of wherewithal was physical, not mental or spiritual. That’s where his students helped out. We created business and jobs for ourselves and those who joined us. This is our protocol: Create business for profit and good will. What better good will could we do than to support our teacher and support others in their journey? We helped carry others and we didn’t even know it.


The Siri Singh Sahib relied on the ‘Reach and Resources’ aspect of his consciousness to provide for the ‘Cover and Carry’ nature of his duty. We, his willing students, were the ‘Reach and Resources’ that he used; Guru Ram Das was the ‘Cover and Carry’ provider. This is how he initially covered and carried his students. Between the Siri Singh Sahib Ji and his duty, Guru Ram Das and his miracles, and all the devoted students’ ability to deliver ‘reach and resources’, everything and everybody was blessed.


Carrying other students is Godly. Carrying students so that they have a chance to grow is Guru’s instruction, “Earn by hard work, and share with others.” Who better to share with than those seeking to serve God and Guru? Our teacher directed us to serve Guru ji when we didn’t even know we were doing so.


Doing the Siri Singh Sahib’s duty in carrying, we earned tremendous good karma points… Points not available otherwise. Yogi Bhajan carried us, and we helped in carrying others. We did our teacher’s duty, and he was doing Guru Ram Das’ duty. Guru ji does God’s duty, therefore, we were doing God’s duty.


Carrying others is the strong arm of compassion. It takes the strength of pure faith to carry others when wherewithal is challenged. Yogi Bhajan was pure compassion borne of true conviction in Guru ji. We are the result. Otherwise, what did any of us do to have the privilege of having a strong, true teacher who delivers compassion in all forms, including what is necessary for his students elevation? Nothing, that’s what! We just served him and his teachings. That, fortunately, was enough to gain God’s attention.


Serving his ‘carrying’ duty turns out to be the blessing of blessings. It has afforded all who participated with the ability to move on, past old limits. It has become the opportunity of Infinity. Where before Infinity was a hope, with this blessing to continue on this journey, now Infinity is a reality. Yes, it would take a lot more work, but we’re still in the game of love, the game of service.


Our beloved teacher’s compassion was transfer to us unbeknownst to us. We benefited environmentally and exponentially through serving a true teacher. Many of those who served have remained in our teacher’s service and are humbly still recognizing this blessing. The love of the Siri Singh Sahib continues to grow and grow with this experience. Stay tuned,


In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,

MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa

Chief of Protocol

Sangat Representative