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Yogi Bhajan: Infinite Love = Forgiveness

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Forgiveness is from heart to heart, so they say. I say that’s true and a real good beginning. Heart to heart is a commitment. It’s not a conclusion. Heart to heart is an awareness, an acknowledgement, an identity, with the forgiven. It’s a wonderful, rewarding and enlightening thing. But, there’s more.

We believe that we have faith in God, but have we surrendered, truly surrendered? True faith and surrender go together. I’m not saying that a little surrender won’t help a lot, it will. But, if you want to be Infinitely forgiven and protected through God from everything, total surrender is a must. By total surrender I mean that a student’s commitment, discipline and deliverance are in pursuit of His, God’s, will. It doesn’t mean that you can’t live your live, or you need to reside in a monastery, not at all, it means that in your life God’s tool, God’s will, prevails.

Soul to soul, Forgiveness to God, is where forgiveness becomes healing, real, and experienced. Soul to soul is beyond forgiveness. It’s an acknowledgment of God’s forgiveness of you soul to the forgiven’s soul, to God’s soul. It’s an experience that we’ve all had at one time or another. An other worldly experience of being guided, told, loved, directed, called, contented to the point of awareness that God is real. That’s soul to soul.

In this world, that experience is called love. We can love everything and all things, even the unforgivable. Those whom we truly love, we forgive, period. Forgiveness has nothing to do with punishment or getting even. Or, even abandonment. That’s for the order and justice of this world to decide. Love is always front and center. It’s the wonderful experience of loving - soul to soul, God to God - which makes this experience into an instant reward so attractive. Forgiveness attracts a deeper experience of God’s protection, God’s prosperity, God’s love. It’s said by all that God is All and God is love, well what about us? All I can say is, ‘who’s next to forgive; bring um on?’ No problem. I can and do forgive God when His acts reflect less than love.

The trick is to transfer your commitment, your heart to heart forgiveness, to the deliverance of your commitment, your love of and to ALL, including, and especially the unlovable. When this point becomes real, the shower of grace, God’s gifts, begins to fall and never stops. It’s as hard to stop it as it was to start it. So, no fear, just Keep-up,

This transition is also God’s grace, so how can a student get it without His approval? You can’t, but you can act like you can. You are dead while alive, why not pretend like you’re in control, knowing full well all the time that you have no control. It’s all up to karma, prayer, and God. Ultimately, it’s in God’s hands. 

Conclusion: Love and forgiveness are experienced ten times greater when giving rather than receiving. enjoy.

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan Singh