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Yogi Bhajan: Hold Is The Operative Word

I’ll tell you what slaves I believe we’ve become. We are slaves to "holding on." Holding on to our lives, our status, our fun, to our pain, you name it. Holding on is where our security lies. Holding on has a known history. Holding on is doable.

Is it helpful? As long as we struggle to maintain, why not use that energy to elevate, do something better than just holding on? Why not hold up rather than hold on? It takes the same energy either way. Why not be the masters of ourselves, rather than the ignorant (and I mean that only in a mannerful way) slaves to holding on?

The answer to why not is easy, no awareness. The world travels around in the stupor of karma - unbeknownst and uninformed. Ignorant of the plight.

The way to hold up is to share with those who seek more than just holding on. That act elevates both the one holding on, and the one holding up. It’s a win, win; spiritual and temporal.

There’s a whole world out there with many people now looking to do more than just hold on. After all, what did holding on get us? It got us into the mess we’re now in.

The next generation of hippies, twenty second century hippie models, are looking to change the world again. This agenda is happening more frequently these days. Only. now, the hippies look like all of us, any length and style of hair, no bell bottom jeans, no "love-ins.”

Still, hippies are always looking for love, so holding up others is an opportunity to share love the right way, the conscious way. Holding up others, and modern day hippies fit together hand and glove. They’re out there, and they're looking for more. They need our help.

We’ve been blessed to have more. We have a technology which transports a student from holding on, to holding up. It’s through this technology that we hold other up. We’re not capable by ourselves, we know that. But, the technology works. It’s really magical.

Sharing a way to hold up is divine. It’s God’s way - giving, loving, worshiping God in every action. Holding other up has its own reward and makes life really worth living. The student become the master of life, no longer the slave. Holding others up means that the students has all the help needed, Infinite help. It’s the experience of true gratitude, love, for being someone to hold on to. It’s a wonderful experience and responsibility. Stay tuned,

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan