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Yogi Bhajan: Healing (Part 4) Love, The Totality of God

Sat Nam Dear Family,

God isn’t just love. He’s more, much more, through His creation. Love is the forth and final stage in healing. Like that Willy Wonka song in the movie says, “Love makes the world go round.”  Who knew that Willy was that profound?

Tolerance, patience, forgiveness, and compassion (the worldly display of God’s love), are all encompassing in seeking God in Totality. This is where healing is no longer needed as merger begins. There’s always an easy and a hard way to do anything. But, it is in neutrality where God provides a place beyond the easy and hard way. Neutrality unites ALL in Totality. Please, let me explain further. 

God expresses His highest form of worldly love through compassion. God’s is Totality, Infinite love; God’s love is infinite; God’s worldly created love is finite. Therefore, because compassion is God in worldly action, living God’s will means first and foremost that we finite beings must exercise compassion, compassion in all situations. Compassion is what God loves the most from His created earthlings. Yes, He loves being praised just as much. I’m just being dramatic. Both are A and 1A in God’s book. And, yes, they are interchangeable.  

The highest example of compassion is forgiveness. In order to be compassionate to all, a student must forgive all, including himself, no exceptions. Therefore, a student can, should, and must love the soul of everyone. He may not like the thinking or acting of another, but their soul is you. Learn to love forgiveness and healing follows.   

When you experience someone or something really bad, I mean really bad, the automatic thought is ‘but that’s not me. I could never be that that! I’m so happy (grateful) I’m not like that.’ However, a student must complete the concept with the thought, ‘but, yes, this is me also.’  When this is done, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, and loving ALL becomes easier and easier. It’s a further, and very useful, discipline and tool to use toward seeking Totality. 

I can hear it now, ‘why is he talking about forgiveness when love is the answer?’ Again, the obedience of forgiveness is the precursor to love, compassion, and kindness. When a student forgives the opposite of himself, compassion and love follow. When the student has healed himself, then he is then fully capable of teaching others how. When true healing is experienced, the power of love is experienced deeper and deeper into the consciousness. The student and God merge deeper and deeper.

Courting love for ALL is the answer to taking the right path to neutrality, to happiness, to Infinity, in Totality. Everything and everyone is doing their thing, playing their part, serving their purpose. Love means wishing everyone well, and meaning it. Love is healing everyone’s soul through forgiveness.

Forgiveness becomes a test. With the knowledge, awareness, and experience of the universality in all, much more compassion, forgiveness, will be integrated into the consciousness. The blessing, is that insecurities abate. Yes, forgiveness offers a grand rewards, divine experiences. becomes real, God’s court resides. When a student can love all souls, even those that are on the wrong side of history, what can’t he love.  

When we have passed the  ‘ALL’ test where ups and downs, pain and pleasure, are blessings beyond time and space, i

t’s business as usual beyond any judgement. Life becomes all-inclusive. 

God is the pure vibration of love. He has multitasked his vibration into many worlds. We exist in one of them. The more the student exercises forgiveness, the more he sees into the other worlds of God. 

So, it’s not the person  or his personality that is loved, it’s the role played. We are all pawns, a feature, in God’s grand play. Loving God and His play - whatever it may be - go hand and hand. It’s where everything is seen as God. “If you can’t see God in ALL, you can’t see God at ALL.”

Of course a student may have to go to war with aggressors, but it must be done out of love through God’s duty and will, not out of hate. If those wrong doers would have changed and become loving, that would have been great. But, there are still consequences which result, karma to pay. Love of ALL souls can and should remain constant throughout any process or progression.

God demands that a student forgive himself. This is necessary for the student to advance, and it’s not a sign of ignorance or a lack of humility, not at all. Forgiveness of both oneself and others demands God’s action. Together, they merge into the circle of Infinity.

Love demonstrated through compassion is the expression of selflessness within oneself. Love is the great act of giving, sharing, helping, and healing. The love in Totality isn’t buying a new car for someone, That’s finite love. I’m not putting it down, not at all. But, what I’m talking about is love beyond the finite, the Infinite, into Totality. It’s the big shebang, the big enchilada, it’s becoming God, “God and me, me and God, are One.” 

Entry into the domain of God requires compassion as a prerequisite. There are no time guarantees, just possibilities, opportunities. This is where courage, faith, belief, and help are required. This is where true spiritually begins. Will the student take the risk, challenge the challenge, step up to the plate? Will he show compassion to ALL, and I do mean ALL? 

Great rewards are bestowed for compassion: gratitude, a non-judgmental nature, happiness, and some degree of merger are experienced. It’s like that Willy Wonka gold ticket, The ticket promises everything. You can cash in on that Golden Ticket, all a student has to do is to keep-up in defaulting to compassion. The golden ticket awaits you.  

When the student keeps-up, meets God halfway, God will come to his aid. Everyone’s halfway point is different karmically and usually undetectable. So, just keeping-up is necessary and mandatory. Courage, my friends, help is on the way, Remember patience, the second process in healing. Well here’s where  patience really pays off. 

When the student displays more and more compassion, he and  God merge deeper and deeper. Healing himself, and others becomes the student’s merging point. It’s not like one day you wake up and you’ve become God, not at all. It’s typically a gradual journey, one which always appears to go too slowly. That’s because it’s actually going very, very fast, compassion is a rocket ship to consciousness. God’s compassion is allowing the student to think the journey is going too slowly. This allows for infinite worlds to be bypassed. It’s the Saturn thing in reality. Please remember, healing is you and forgiveness is the way.

Our halfway point is met when our Guru ji’s love is bestowed. It’s real, it’s detectable, and it’s beyond the beyond, and it’s the ultimate healing  balm, bomb. Stay Tuned,


In His Mercy, 

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan