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Yogi Bhajan: Healing (part 3) Forgiveness is Good Business

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Please understand one thing, forgiveness is as much a benefit for the forgiver as it is for the forgiven. Yes, I know the value for others, but what it does for the forgiver is beyond the beyond. It’s God’s gift, that’s why it’s beyond any limit and recognized in God’s world as Godliness. Please, let me explain.

Forgiveness is the third step in healing, healing anyone and anything, including oneself. The more a student forgives, the more Godlike he becomes. Once this is grasped, a student understands the love in forgiveness.

In a secular tone, a student may forgive because he understands that he also is in need of forgiveness.This approach is very powerful. We may deny or deflect it, but we all know that we need forgiveness ourselves. This way of thinking makes forgiveness easier. It’s a solid way. It’s a trade-off. But there’s more. 

Forgiveness is necessary for any true relationship to endure. Forgiveness must not contain any hatred or fear. True forgiveness is from the heart without the head getting in the way, as it most definitely will if you let it

If you’re committed to do whatever it takes to make a relationship truly work, perpetual forgiveness is the keystone. Letting the haunting memory go is the technique. Forgiveness begins and ends with not letting the memory and judgement continue.

How does a student learn to forgive without his head getting in the way, his memory haunting him? Once a student commits to keep a relationship going, knowing that the memory is a trap allows the student to remember to keep the focus on forgiving and not on judgement. This practice continues to keep that commitment one-pointed without judgement. Keeping a relationship going in real time is always a wonderful thing.

How good can focus be when the pain of another’s misadventure, hurt and/or harm, betrayal, you name it, is remembered? Continuous focus on forgiveness requires a charge through conscious meditation. This process is in need of a big helping hand. Discipline to the rescue. When a student just continues to never be satisfied while still being contented, a change in focus becomes automatic. This help comes through meditation. The consequence lies in the direction of the focus. When it leads to a truthful mantra, miracles happen. All the fears of discipline are washed away into a sea of tranquility, neutrality, forgiveness. The student and forgiveness become one. Forgiveness becomes viewed as a test rather than a tragedy or triumph.Here’s the best news, God provides all the answers, that is, until the student can do so truthfully for himself. 

The student should constantly grade himself to see where he can do better, of course with the help of further meditation. The true grade will verify who he really is and what to do next. In other words, how forgiving he truly is. Always look to be more forgiving instead of judging why forgiveness is even possible or necessary. This is how forgiveness grades are determined. If you see this properly, it becomes God’s gift. 

The reward in forgiveness is God’s gift of understanding, understanding why forgiveness is such a blessing The understanding that no one has any control over you. This understanding is the blessings of blessings. No one or no body can hold the focus of your mind. You control yourself and are no longer subject to the negativities of others. Your free, free to choose another focus. It’s wonderful, but what next?

What’s next is the experience of your expanded understanding. This is the experience of love, God’s love. agape love, Infinite love, Totality. 

Forgiveness and understanding lead to the blessings of wishing well to all. Understanding reminds us that this cost nothing.  By that I mean that there is no downside. There’s nothing to lose in wishing well to all. In fact, this is right in line with the example of compassion. Compassion is the earthly expression of God’s love. This will be our discussion next time. 

Make no mistake about it, alliance in thinking or acting with the forgiven is not a prerequisite for forgiveness. The forgiver may believe the exact opposite of the forgiven. In fact, this opposite is usually a prerequisite, otherwise no forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness is a result of the compassion that recognizes God’s soul and God’s will in everyone. The love of God resides in everyone, no matter what. Forgiveness replaces vengeance in providing justice, justice for all concerned. God’s justice. Stay tuned,


In His Mercy,

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan