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Yogi Bhajan: Healing (Part 2), Patience is a Virtue Only Time Can Destroy

Sat Nam Dear Family,

I confess, these title words are not mine. They come from a song a long time ago in my past. Only, patience isn’t the original word. I’ve chosen to replace the original word ‘love’ with ‘patience’. Naturally, both work, but patience is now our focus, so l changed the word.

If you run out of patience, patience is lost, destroyed. There is no second place trophy. If a person loses patience at 99%, all 100% of patience is gone. The game is up. Sure, patience can be recaptured, we fail many times on our way to success, but at this point it’s gone.

Patience is a win all or lose all game, a zero sum game.  Gaining patience requires a loss of hate, anger, frustration, all insecurities. In general, the more patient a student becomes, the more insecurities lessen. 

The question arises, ‘Is there no end to patience?’ Patience never ends. Patience is the second step in healing following tolerance. Patience is required. It’s also an acquired taste. There’s a point in all of us where enough is enough. It’s at this point that patience becomes a challenge, and, if overcome, it becomes real. Excuses, rationals, justifications, survival issues divert the focus. Don’t let anything destroy your patience.

Tolerance requires patience because tolerance must be infinite. At some point, patience pays. That means being patient with tolerance may seem of no use. ‘They’re never going to get it.’ Don’t let this kind of thinking deter your patience. God is the Doer. He creates karma. He’s the time giver and time Itself! The recognizable benefit of tolerance may be lifetimes away. That’s not your call, it’s God’s. Your call is to just remain patient and let God do His thing.

Sure, action may be necessary, but that’s not because the student’s patience is exhausted, it’s because patience is on hold to deflect the pain of others. Nevertheless…

Patience never runs out. It just ebbs and flows on the way to real patience. Real patience is perpetual and transcends the ups and downs of life. It’s steady, consistent, and compassionate.

Patience may be lost. It usually is. As mentioned above. Nevertheless, you can get it back. Begin again. This is how it’s done. Continue to recapture your patience. This is the way to glory.

Patience displayed in tolerance rewards the student with an intuitive understanding of why and how patience pays. This intuition is priceless, it provides the understanding of why and how patience is necessary.

Patience gives us an experience of our intimate connection with God. Everyone and everything on this earth is here for a reason - to do as God wills. All is God’s play. All great religions agree with this. It’s a great truth which most can’t or won’t accept. Nevertheless, it’s the truth no matter what we believe or want. If we can just remember this one line, this title line, when insecurity invades and pervades our brain’s patience, it can and will erase all doubt.

We think that we are the creators, masters, and architects of our destiny. We’re not. God is the doer of ALL. Most people act as if they are their own creator, but they’re not. Our free will is in serving God’s will with the correct attitude so as to channel our destiny toward Infinity. All else is useless, inane, ignorant, and egoistic. Reality is found when God’s grand design is served through God’s direction, period. This takes patience, patience with ourself and others. After all, It’s not our call.

The way to experience the value in remembering this title sentence is with faith, then belief, then experience, and then merger into an automatic remembrance. This will bring the blessing of halting judgment, easing self-inflicted insecurities, and begin the true healing process. 

Insecurities give us a false view of why we’re here. We’re here to serve God’s will, and this takes patience and practice. It usually doesn’t happen overnight, This sentence. this American mantra, is the beginning and the end (of which there is really no end).

Patience provides the experience of viewing everyone and everything through the perspective that they are here at God’s bequest. We are providing service to God’s will without even knowing it. Everyone is a part of this balance, this karma, it takes to run this universe. Viewing people and situations you don’t like through this window allows for patience and tolerance ... the kind of tolerance which recognizes God’s creation from all angles.

Patience provides the ‘way-out.’ There’s a way out of every block, every need for healing. When patience replaces reaction, intuition is inflated to the point of expanding the consciousness of awareness. Awareness is the true ‘way-out’ of misunderstanding and healing - healing within yourself, or healing with another.

Intuition, the true ‘way-out’, is revealed through a completely different perspective, an elevated perspective, a much more creative perspective, a confident perspective, a perspective beyond hope, beyond faith, and beyond belief. One  becomes elevated to the status of perpetual verification of this new and true intuition, reality. Life is lived in total security. This different ‘way- out’ works time and time again. This ‘ways out’ creates an experience of grace, of living under the protection of God. This ‘new way-out’ always turn out right because it fall under the protection of God. This is what patience can do.

As patience and tolerance is exercised more and more, the reward is an opportunity to advance to the next step of healing, that being the virtue of forgiveness. In other words, without tolerance patience there can be no true forgiveness, so forgiveness protects itself as we’ll see in the next article. The great news is that we have another opportunity to experience forgiveness as a ‘way-out.’ They do go hand and hand, but it’s not the chicken and egg story of which came first. True forgiveness is built on a solid structure of patience and tolerance. Stay tuned,

In His Mercy,

 Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan