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Yogi Bhajan: Happy, Spiritual?

Sat Nam Dear Family,


How can you be spiritual if you’re not happy? Who are you fooling? Not me. Yes, spirituality is a process. You should not see it as the end game. The actual mission of spirituality is to deliver a happy, carefree, protected, life. Otherwise, what’s it all about?


One of the techniques to be used in becoming spiritual is the nurturing of you experiencing happiness and contentment. The more you experience being happy, the more you’re acting spiritual and then the more spiritual you’ll become. That’s the formula.


Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re spiritual enough. That’s a poor man’s pleasure. Keep-up nurturing your happiness. O,K., but how? Now you’re talking.


There are many ways to happiness, at least from our limited perspective. Who’s really happy: the man with a billion dollars, the woman with a loving family? For many, that’s happiness and that’s enough, or that’s all they believe there is to happiness. Unfortunately, most fall into some variation of this limitation. It’s how we’ve been programed to believe.


Getting beyond our limit of happiness is difficult. Once we believe that we’re happy, or talk ourselves into believing it, the unknown is forgotten, all is well. What a mistake for a true spiritual seeker. The way to overcome your limits is by committing to something better, so, typically, we revert back to our learned form of religion. That can be either good or bad.


The way to guarantee that your way is good is to take a step back and see your way in a different perspective. Don’t be afraid to explore other lifestyles and religions. Learn all you can about different views on life and spirituality. Be open. Pray to be open. Pray to God that He leads you in your way of destiny.


The search for true happiness begins and ends with spirituality. I define spirituality as the pursuit of God and that presents a wide range. I won’t judge any of it as long as it in pursuit of God, That’s enough for God so why should I differ? How it’s pursued, that’s up to each karma.  


It turns out that happiness is just a byproduct of true spirituality. Can you imagine how great the other benefits must be? Spirituality obeyed under the banner of the Sikh Nation lays out a lifestyle, a community, a consciousness of nurturing God’s way. We Sikhs have been so blessed with a Guru who translates God’s way for us in terms we can understand. So long as we continue to nurture our surrender to Guru ji’s will, happiness follows. Spirituality accomplished.


Happiness is a condition precedent to spirituality. Stay tuned,


In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,

MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa

Chief of Protocol

Sangat Representative