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Yogi Bhajan: Gurdwara IS for Everyone

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Gurdwara is rocks. Gurdwara is "heavy man," it’s a gas. It’s the cats meow, the bee’s knees, it’s twenty-three skidoo. In other words, Gurdwara in all verbiage, in all expressions, through all cultures, holds up. It’s true.

Gurdwara is a place to just praise Guru ji. Sure, ask for your needs, it’s very worthwhile, nevertheless in praising Guru ji, Gurdwara is the place and way to garner His grace.  Doing what He likes does wonders for the soul. Praising Him in His house with His sangat is what He likes best. God is love, so praising love of God and Guru is of the highest value. This is our Sikh Dharma standard. 

Praising God and Guru in the Guru’s house, the Gurdwara, with the sangat, and singing Guru ji’s shabds, is the way Guru ji wants to be praised. This devotion is the totality of love. I could go on and on. This is the way to keep and set your journey straight. 

Gurdwaras are not political arena, although that’s what many have become. Gurdwaras are a "safe-zone" for all to take shelter. Once again, this is our standard. All are welcome, come what may.

Gurdwara gives structure. A life without structure is chaos. Structure is a part of the circle time. With it, the next step is available. Structure is the result of an organization’s mind. This leads to an elevated  consciousness.

When the sangat “the company of the holy" gathers at Gurdwaras, Guru ji says, "This is where I am found; I am the sangat; the sangat and Me are one" (paraphrased). The sangat's collective energy and consciousness, spontaneously transports the student too heights beyond his capacity. Like a windstorm in the desert blowing dust from the earth into the heavens. Hearing and singing the Guru’s shabads raises the consciousness closer to God. It’s wonderful, it’s magical!

At Gurdwara, sangat and pangat (congregation and food), join together. Spiritual and social necessities are satisfied. Relaxation and joy follows. A brotherhood and sisterhood are created. Authentic relationships are launched. A conscious community is organically born. Reliance, respect, and love becomes automatic under the presence of Guru ji. No one is ever alone again. That alone is a glorious experience.

Of course there’s more, much more. There’s the dust of the saint’s feet, the beauty of the music, Ishnan seva (service), all kinds of seva, the reminder of truth, the love of being a part of something larger than yourself, I could go on and one. Ultimately, each individual’s experience of this state is different, unique to their projections and karma. The bottom line is: if you’re willing to take the risk and opportunity of surrendering to Guru ji and His teaching, the grace and glory of Gurdwara is a reward of Infinite blessings available nowhere else. Stay tuned,

In His Mercy,

Your Friend,
Hari Jiwan