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Yogi Bhajan: The Future is Now

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Let's go though a few givens so we can extrapolate the future and how we can adjust for our best interest.

The Universe, this world, our nation, our community, our families, our dharma, are changing. Some call it the coming of the Age of Aquarius; others, blame the stars; still, others blame one another claiming the change is not for the good. There are as many reasons as there are opinions.

The first given is that if a student is one who’s been blessed to see the future, and been further blessed to serve it, flexibility will chases that individual. He will go with the flow. History, habit, need, nothing will hold him back from serving the future, serving in a flexible, loving, compassionate, understanding, way.

Being able to see the future is the unknown, the Godly part of us. This part of us has tremendous power, for good and/or otherwise. The way to serve the future so that change is easy is through compassion. Then, the student serves the future the way the future wants and needs to be served. What what the future really wants is your love, your forgiveness, your tolerance. Serve the future the best way, the way the future says to do it. Therefore, what does the future really say?

The future will serve the student as he see it, project it, and believe it! When he can see into the future, he’ll definitely know what needs to be served, where the issues lay, and apply the solutions which are needed for change. This is how this power to see the future is best used. The secret: don’t be swayed by individual needs and wants, follow the teachings.

Another given is that unless we get it together in serving all the venues mentioned above, the future doesn’t look so good. We’ve been fooled in too many lifetimes, where do we go to find a right way off this train? Where can the future be seen in the right, Godly, manner?

Guru Gobind Singh showed up to change the odds. He wasn’t the only one. Arjuna, in the Bhagadad Gita, is shown the lesson of the spiritual warriorship by Krishna as well. And, of course, there were others who forged into this place where force and compassion merge.

These givens provide a road map as to great possibilities or great distraction in the future. Will we choose the teachings, great possibilities in the bani, the songs of the Guru ji, or will we choose destruction through intolerance, hatred, fear, and anger?

Collectively, following the Guru’s teachings, provides a road map for humanity’s elevation moving into the future; individually, follow the teachings provide the road map to the student’s liberation, salvation.

Given the givens, the solution is to follow the teachings, and promote other’s to do the same, that way all bases are covered. Intuition is the result. Intuition is the springboard into seeing the future. When the student begins seeing into the future, everything is covered. All, everything, is seen as God’s work. He’s the only infallible entity in and out of the universe. Therefore, follow His infallibility of His teachings, His bani, and fallibility will be covered. That’s the true relationship and the true way into the future. In His Mercy,

Your Friend

Hari Jiwan