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Yogi Bhajan: Flexibility Equals Change

Sat Nam Dear Family,

The world is changing, that’s obvious. Either you get on board, or you fall behind.

On board means flexibility. Fall behind means inflexibility; holding on to the past. Change is about the future, and the future is now. There are so many eras of the past, along with past karma, DNA, etc. that it can grab and hold a student without the student even knowing it. Don’t be one subject to these ill forces. (Image: Apana Kriya at

Look to the future with the flexibility to change properly, change which doesn’t violate Guru ji’s will. Believe me, there’s a lot of room for flexibility within His will. Guru ji wants us to be responsible to ourselves. There’s a lot of room for flexibility between being responsible now, and how responsibility we need to be moving into the future. It’s an enjoyable journey. Come along, ride the horse of responsibility straight into the court of Guru Ram Das.

The Court of Guru ji is flooded with Sikhs who take responsibility, the responsibility of others, very seriously. A Sikh rides the wave of being responsible to the well being of others. If being flexible means that a student has the depth to intuitively understand this delicate balance, neutrality is found. Total responsibility to this world and the next are understood, served, loved.

Committing to change which supports serving the needs of others is the flexibility needed to change the world. It just takes one person, one Guru Nanak, one Moses, one Jesus, to change the world. Are you that person? Are you afraid to be that person? Why? It’s not necessary to fret over destiny. If it’s Guru ji’s will, all changes a student will need will become effortless, serrvicesfull, and elevating. There’s no need to worry about what can never be done. We know, you’re right. All students are totally incapable of changing correctly. That’s why they’re students. But, with Guru ji’s help, faith can move mountains, otherwise stones are heavier.

Thank God that every nano second in a good student’s life, no matter what the circumstances may is seen as God’s gift. Don’t judge it, just praise Him. Whatever He creates in you is His blessing. No matter what, and I mean no matter what.

Praising God is the highest service. Praising God directs the students duty to be blessed and serve others. In fact, praising in in everything that’s preformed is a direct path to happiness and elevation.

Life becomes a perpetual prayer. A prayer where all prayers are answered. A prayer for the well being of ALL. and I mean ALL. Seeing God in ALL is the highest praise, prayer, truth, love, a student can give to God.

Life becomes a living prayer where God rewards His student with all the flexibility necessary to change that which is necessary. So, even change is under His command. Through our prayer, we can make that change graceful and obedient to the good will of ALL.

Many times, serving the needs of others can be uncomfortable, for all parties. Just keep-up serving and let God sort it out. Everything is under his control, so just keep serving with empathy, compassion, and understanding. Those who are destined to receive a student’s service shall; those who are destined to receive God’s service for their service shall as well. Stay tuned,

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan