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Yogi Bhajan: A Dummies Guide to God

Sat Nam Dear Family,

The way to God’s attention is through His praise. Praise God, don’t judge Him. He’s beyond your judgement.

Praise God, Praise Guru, Praise the Almighty. That’s all you hear from all great religions. That’s because it’s true and it works. Thousands of years of history stand behind the benefits in praise of God. God wants your praise.

Yes, God knows that you can easily judge Him. He made it that way. He’s made it easy to judge His work. Wrongful actions are on display everywhere.

In other words, and in final word, God is as you perceive Him. So praise Him and see Him in the highest light. Know that seeing God in through praise is who God is and is who He will become for you. God likes to be praised the way he praises, so praising God becomes an art and a science. A science in finding how God praises; a art form in praising God the way He wants, the way He does, the way Guru ji does.

The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is the most convenient, the easiest, and time-honored method, technology in directing a student on truth in how and what to do in the praise of God. Guru ji adds both steel and prashaad to the mix. This is the technology behind singing kirtan, singing God’s praises. The wisdom, the vibration, the experience is divine.

God is a chameleon, He is as you see him - good, evil, or somewhere in-between. The question becomes, "Can you accept everything, and I mean everything, as His blessing?" This is the meaning of praising God, excepting everything as love. Love God no matter what, anything, anyone says, tells, or writes about or does. Really, it’s just between the student and God. The student’s true view will depict his real relationship with the Infinite.

Faith can move mountains, otherwise stones are heavier. And, most importantly, faith in the continual praise of God, provides the bliss of intuitive poise through the love of Himself.

God’s no dummy. You can’t fool God. He made you like you are, and will make you like you’ll be. It’d be like God trying to fool Himself. It won’t work, although we humans try all the time. So, get with the program, go with the flow, don’t be left behind. Praise God!

God is a mirror, He’s as you see him.That’s because God is All, He is you! You and God are one. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth. The apprehension is how you view God. Is He your invention, or is He a product of a structure you accept as true? All the faith in the world can take a student in the wrong direction quickly if your image, or your structure and/or person provides a false image. How a student views God is the most important thing in life.

My prayer is that the answers Guru ji provides lighten your load. He can and will do this for you if you put in the work, the praise. Why not? It’s really the only life truly worth living. Guru ji delivers. All questions, all prayers are answered at the lotus feet, at the praise of Guru Ram Das, the forth Guru Nanak. In the prayer that some will find an elevated value in my service, I pray that this honor of sharing Guru ji’s direction will always be treated by me with the gratitude, prayer, and praise befitting Wahe Guru, our spiritual king of kings.

Stay tuned.

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan