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Yogi Bhajan: Differences Can Be Illuminating

Sat Nam Dear Family,

We all have differences, great differences. As they say, it comes with the turf. Any true relationship has differences. In spite of all, a Sikh has found the way to love all. It doesn’t mean that he may not have to go to battle with those he loves, but he’s understands how. Please let me explain.

The soul of everyone is located deep within a cave in the depth of the heart. From this cavern springs the creation of each, karma of each, fate or destiny of each. This is our link between the Infinite and the finite. Awareness of this gives our life a choice. That’s rare.

What choice? The choice between living our life as is, or dedicating ourselves too finding and returning to that deep cave within. When this is seen as real, as as tremendous advantage, all else is put aside.  

Recently, someone asked me, “How do you know if you’re following a path which leads to continued search for your cave?"  You don’t. That’s been the karma of all karma’s since time began. But, you can act and think like you represent your cave, your soul.

Keep your focus. Keep your focus on your cave no matter what. Keep digging, keep practicing, keep loving deeper. Do what you do, but keep-up your focus in the pursuit of your cave, the cave of pure love. Just keep focused.

The soul of another is made of the same love, the same cave essence, the same mother and father. Karma separates that love into many pieces. We live out those pieces. Unfortunately, rarely do we see a way out of our piece our karma. Lifetime after lifetime, inertia carries us in a circle of reincarnation. Nevertheless, everyone carries the same essence, the same soul. Initially, we’re all the same, we spring from the same source. Any differences come later through karma.

The cave comes with a universal understanding. That understanding, that unadulterated, intuitive, experience of leaving the circle of misunderstanding, leads to love. Who’d have thunk it! In other words, the way out of the circle of karma is found through the love in the cave of the heart. That’s true because the elimination of the circle of karma is never captured, it’s only bestowed through the mercy of God. God’s mercy comes through and is experienced through the heart.

The elimination of karma is Guru Ji’s reward for following His direction to His satisfaction. How do we get there? What can we do? We can act and think as God, and His representative Guru ji, tells us to do. And, here’s the secret, keep-up beyond all challenges and you will be kept-up. I guarantee it.

Now is not only the time to keep-up, but to step-up as well. Through understanding another’s point of view, we step-up to the plate and go beyond the beyond in understanding contrary points of view. This true deeper understanding of differences leads to deep levels within the heart. This God loves. This is the beginning of positioning yourself for sainthood. When God bestows the blessing of the elimination of ones karma, saintliness becomes automatic. It can’t be avoided. It may be rejected, but it can’t be avoided.

One of the benefits of true understanding is the compassion it brings in dealing with contrary views after they have been analyzed and found unwanted. With Guru ji’s teachings, this becomes easy. That’s good for us, that’s not so good for some contrary thinkers.

I’ve seen a lot of contrary thinking which has led to a display of consciousness, actually, the limits of consciousness. The funny thing is that the best talkers in this contrary bunch who are out of step with Guru ji, are so limited that they make perfect sense to a lot of other folks. Their syllogisms are simple without any further part to the story. Just their issues covered.

Their conclusions are so simplistic that any idiot can follow it. Anything deeper, and blurred eyes show up, comatose sets in. God is deeper than 1 and 2 make 3. He made algebra, geometry, trigonometry. He allows us to see more consequences from sequences. Some contrary thinkers, who’s views are not in concert with Guru ji’s, can’t see this. Nevertheless, they need to be understood. They, too, need compassion, need wisdom, need truth. Will they accept it? Probably not. But, that’s none of our concern. We’ll just keep-up giving when requested or required.

Please understand, mathematics is another vehicle toward elevation, a process unto Infinity, a method to recognize God. The more understanding you have in mathematics, the closer you come to recognizing the existence of Infinity. That is where the true mathematician resides. The Universe is not random, it’s so well organized down to Infinity, that only a Supreme Consciousness could create it. The true mathematician realizes this he and Infinity are One.

Until the student reaches Infinity, understanding differences becomes a touchstone for how well he’s doing. This understanding breeds intuition, true intuition, the kind of intuition which is unavoidable, real, and haunting. The kind of intuition which the quicker one surrenders to it, the quicker the pain of a change because of deeper understanding is conquered.

With each deeper understanding comes change. Change is painful, even if it’s a good thing. Change means commitment, discipline, and deliverance of the results. This is never easy, so, rather than trying to avoid change and the pain with it, learn to deal with the pain of change. Make it an adventure, a projection, a love. Make it anything, just make love your focus. Do not focus on pain.

We stumble, we fall. We keep-up in pursuit of deeper and deeper understanding in the things. That’s easy, until we run into contrary thinking which starts the process of understanding for real. This one change will bring you happiness, the happiness which comes from truly loving ALL. Stay tuned,

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan Singh