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Yogi Bhajan: Christianity or Bust

Sat Nam Dear Family,

I get the same question over and over, "How can America advance positively when we have these crazy Christians believing all kinds of conspiracy theory nonsense? They have opinions and a big influence on everything from abortion to absolution." That’s a fair question with the way things have been brought to light.

First of all, I wouldn’t be sitting here discussing openly with you just about anything I want to discuss unless Christians made room for it, me, you, us. Because of the experience of exclusion from British society, many different religions used America as a refuge to openly practice their own religion.

The fact that they had experienced exclusion in the Old World, and the need to now get along with other lifestyles in the New World, led to an inclusion in the formation of America. An America of hope for any and in an inclusive and prosperous means meant a government of inclusion must be the protocol.

This spiritual inclusive protocol is the backbone of our democratic republic, the experiment we call American Democracy. This inclusive nature is why I’m able to do as I may within a Christian established environment. I’m grateful and appreciative of the inclusive nature inherent in the Christian values.

Not all Christians are the same. Many, many people who don’t like one aspect of a Christian position, lump all Christians together. That’s not true at all. There are many Christian religious, groups, which are inclusive. Inclusive and compassion were the way of Christ. Recognize it. America has been built on the worst and the best of Christian dogma. When inclusiveness and compassion reign, America flourishes.

I’m not saying that order and justice are always overridden by compassion and inclusion. Not at all. There is a need for rules, and a need to accept following them and a need for consequences therefrom as well. The eternal question is: "Do the consequences issued come from an inclusive nature, and a compassionate judge, or do they promote exclusiveness, apathy and indifference?"  In other words, true justice is both just and compassionate, and this is the standard for good Americans to expect and live by. It’s always a process, but our standard should remain the same as we continue its pursuit.

This is no secret. This is also the way of Christ. He was definitely inclusive, just and compassionate. Guess what? It’s also the way of Sikhism. No one religion has a monopoly on the truth. The truth is found many places.

So, please don’t complain about Christians to me. I see them as wonderfully inclusive, just and compassionate by training. This is the teaching of Jesus. They’re the only Christians I see. They’re the only ones I care to see. They’re my brothers and sisters.

Stay tuned,

Your Friend, Hari Jiwan