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Yogi Bhajan: The Change Trend

Sat Nam Dear Family,
With the pandemic, the martyrdom of George Floyd and the swell of social activism, new questions are being asked of government, society and ourselves. We are being challenged philosophically, socially, economically politically, and spiritually. And all of this is causing a lot of pain and change is painful.

Change is happening everywhere. Where will it lead is the next question? Call it anything from the apocalypse to the Aquarian Age, change is inevitable and conscious change is the route for which we all pray.

Like it or not, agree with it or not, this world is in balance. I didn’t say equally balanced, I said it’s in balance. That means that systems like governments, economies, societies, etc. have adjusted to accommodate one another like capitalism feeds this democracy and this democracy feeds its citizens. At least that’s the way it’s designed to work in the Constitution.

All systems are now changing at the same time. This will cause chaos or unity. We can see the fight over this issue in all systems. It’s also rampant in people. When systems change, people must change just to stay up with the times. It’s forced change, again, either to benefit the rich or the poor. 

A society which doesn’t have the support of over half supporting the less fortunate is against God and our Constitution. This is the experiment of America. Can the American image of a more humane society exist when treachery and tyranny abound in so many parts of this planet, including our beloved USA?

More importantly, has America remained trending upward in the goal of a "more perfect union?" Ups and downs will play with emotions, but, in the long run, America has continued to get better in understanding and helping those who need it. These are the words of Jesus Christ, of our Guru ji, of our teachings, of Judaism, of Buddhism, of every great religion. Love your neighbor is the theme and, since we’re all God’s creation, everyone is our neighbor. I’m not saying that everyone should be made a millionaire, I’m saying that everyone is due the respect in the hope of dignity.

This is Godly work. I don’t understand why so many people don’t recognize this. Every religion and the Constitution teach and preach this.

The answer to all these changes is right in the RIGHT understanding of the Constitution. Our Constitution was formulated by men of such diverse religions, opinions and lifestyles, it truly is a miracle that this document was established.

What allowed for its existence was the truth. There is truth in all of the great religions, often expressed in unique ways representing the same truth, the same reality. Eventually, these shared, universal truths were agreeable to the founding fathers, their values, their security, their dream for this country was not compromised. The values established were of the highest order.

And, I might add, a little divine intervention helped a lot. America proved that when you do the right thing and meet God at least halfway, He carries the load from there. We’ve lived off that "good will." The intended "good will" in our Constitution is in doing what’s right for everyone. It’s the ‘for everyone’ which we’re still working on. At least we’re working on it, we’re still trending upward.

The fight has always been between the haves and the have nots. Our Constitution teaches us that it shouldn’t be a fight, it should be a help. At least the issue now is how much help, not whether there should be any help. Again, we’re still trending upward.

So long as we support our Constitution in it’s intent to do what’s right, we’ll be O.K. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be challenged, we will, we are, and we shall be forever challenged. Without challenge, how do we know what we really stand for? Without challenge, our stance becomes un-tested. Without challenge, it’s all gossip.

Respect the challenge, embrace the challenge, love the challenge. As long a in your heart you know that you want to do what’s right in God’s eyes, every challenge shall be defeated. That’s when challenges become fun, life becomes fun.

Compassion rules in the Constitution. Compassion is where we must default. This is the time. These are the times. Compassion rules America and Americans.This is our ticket to “In God We Trust.” Stay tuned,


In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,

Mukia Singh Sahib Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
Chief of Protocol
Sangat Representative