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Yogi Bhajan: Cascade of Prayed for Aid

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Someone asked me recently, “What makes a student great? I mean how do we find God?” Questions like this are very far reaching and require a specific context when answering, so I had to intuit which way I could answer so she could best hear it. Everyone hears differently.

I responded, “First of all, let me say that you can’t find God. He finds you. Everybody says so, from Western religions to Guru Nanak, and all stops to and fro. There are ways to attract God’s attention and force him to make a call, but it’s still up to Him. No one enters the kingdom of God without His choosing.

“So, then what’s all the fuss about following a religion if it won’t make a difference.”

“Did I say that. No I didn’t. What I’m saying is that religion teaches a way to attract God’s attention. I’m all in favor of that. There are different ways and different cultures, I’m not discussing that, but all great religions teach good things. Yes, they are often perverted, but the true teaching remains regardless of misinterpretations. Following the good, virtuous, ways in a religion, lifestyle, philosophy, is the way. How much is followed and how often, compounded with karma, creates sincerity in doing what’s required in attracting God’s attention.”

“So, you mean that I can pick my religion.”

“Why not, I did. I studied many religions. I came from a great religion. When I read the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, as he was called back then, it was so real that I had no choice but to give up everything in the pursuit of serving him. I trusted that he was the way to God’s attention.”

“Well,” she asked, “did it work?”

“Wait a second, one question at a time. Let’s keep focused on how to find God. I’m not done yet. Some religions focus on love, others on service. We do both. Sikhs are born to help others and born to love our Guru more and more perpetually. This is how a Sikh attracts God. But, now with a Sikh, a Guru is put in the middle. Why? A Guru is there if you’ve been so blessed. The most important reason is to introduce you to God. You’ll come with the highest of references. That means a whole lot to God in making His decision.”

“So, a Sikh’s way is a difference maker?”

“It’s different in one great respect. The way to love God more and more and to serve God’s will is much easier going through someone who can help. Enter Guru ji. He brings mantras and a teaching which call directly on God. No secret mantras, no payment necessary, just pure help in attracting God’s attention. Chanting Wahe Guru will do miracles. Sikhism is a wonderful way, it’s everything I signed up for and much more.”

“Aren’t you asking too much for us mortals to do. How can you expect us to commit so vigorously?”

“I’m not asking you to do anything. You asked a question and I’m answering it. I only present one question: How much are you willing to do to live a truly contented life? How much are you willing to surrender, sacrifice, to pursue God’s attention? When you’re willing to do anything asked of you by a true teacher, your obedience will be rewarded handsomely. A great student is one who sincerely practices chanting God’s name, serving Guru’s will, and loving God more and more each nanosecond. This is what it takes and that’s why many don’t do it. They take many steps in-between and are rewarded accordingly, but for those who want the whole enchilada, contentment in life, surrender is necessary.”

“The answer to your question is: the way to find God is through surrender. Surrendering yourself to His service, His love, and His care and doing it for real makes God have no choice but to open up His gate for you and enter the Guru’s court - contentment awaits.

Now to your last question, did it work for me. Well, that’s God’s call. This much I can say, Sikhism is real, it’s glorious, and it’s regal. Sikhism works. Stay tuned,

In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,
MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
Chief of Protocol
Sangat Representative