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Yogi Bhajan: A Blessed and Blissful Transition

Sat Nam Dear Family,

People want me to say, believe, do, and /or be all sorts of things, all this’ and thats’ are on the table. No one is satisfied with who I am, that is, except me.. I am able to agree or not with anyone or anything without becoming a this or that. Please, let me explain.

It begins with my birth father. He was a man of many faults, but, happiness for me, unconditional love, my best interest at heart. always being there for me and covering my back, always being trustworthiness and loyal weren’t his faults, They were his virtues, his rare and great virtues. I trusted him and my trust was rewarded. Granted, at a cost, but what isn’t paid for at some cost of karma? My father was always loyal to me and always had my best interest. He was a wonderful father for me.

He knew, and I knew, I wanted more, more than a life of fun, security, money, and his love. Yes, all that was great, but if there was more, I wanted more. If I were to pursue the best for me, his support was a kindness and a welcome blessing.

My father led me to a teacher who possessed exactly what I needed. A teacher who possessed virtues like he displayed, and a teacher who could provide more. A teacher who could produce spirituality at its highest level, and still deliver the trustfulness and loyalty required. My teacher delivered. My teacher’s teachings became the core of my existence. BTW, my father and my teacher became good friends as well, but that’s another story.

Trust has its own reward no matter where it’s applied, but, make no mistake about it, when trust is applied to a noble teachings, trust is exaggerated and honored exponentially. The teachings don’t care whether or not you believe them. They’re not the judge, unfortunately, we are.

The experience of continuing to practice a noble spiritual teachings has led me to be pointed in the direction of the Guru. My view through the window of my teacher was and is sublime. My teacher directed me beyond himself, unto Infinity. Through Guru ji and his devotion, his service, and his love, I’ve found more, much more. I needed more and my teacher delivered his loyalty in leading me to the right place to get more, for me.

Well, loyalty in my father worked out great; loyalty in my teacher worked out fabulously; is there any sane reason to not believe that trust in my Guru and surrendering to his will won’t be Infinitely better? Of course not, it’s a good bet. I took it.

People want me to do and say this or that, but I have only one opinion. I’m allowed one opinion. It’s not really even an opinion, it’s actually a prayer: “Beloved Guru ji, please grant me whatever’s necessary to continue to earn your trust deeper and deeper each day, to live your opinion only, your will more and more, and to surrender to your goodness, your benevolence, your tolerance, your compassion, your kindness, your love.

Naturally, Guru ji’s trust has been fulfilled. His love, devotion, and will, has led me to God’s gate. No one enters this gate except at God’s command. When the gate opens, God and the student become one.

At this point Guru ji can do no more, it’s all up to God. Oh, wait, there’s one gigantic thing Guru ji can do. He can introduce me to God and let Him know of my sincerity and loyalty. That’s a tremendous bestowed benefit as Guru ji IS the key to God’s gate.

Have I made a mistake in loving my father, my teacher, my Guru ji, my God? Some think I have, that’s there opinion, I don’t have an opinion. Some think that I’ve given up my free will. Not at all. In loving all, my free will has been fulfilled. What I have is the continued and perpetual experience of finding and loving what I needed, wanted, and prayed for - thanks to God, ALL is viewed through the prism of karma: intertwining, entangling, dancing in perfect harmony. Stay tuned,

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan