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Yogi Bhajan: To Be, Or Not To Be?

Lets examine earthly love. Worldly love is fabulous, no doubt about it. It’s what keeps this world going. It keeps us going. We all love something - even if it’s nothing. On the other hand, God is pure love in all it’s forms and directions, and all at the same time. Godly and worldly love are the same, love is love. It’s only the time and depth that makes a difference. Please, let me explain further.  

Earthy love is limited to the extent offered in this world. Godly love is a continuing elevated experience conditioned upon satisfying God’s will. It’s Infinite, unlimited. How much expansion is necessary for one’s karma to play out it’s game? The answer is to just keep expanding your mental picture of who you really are. With the right discipline and technique, success will be enjoyed.

“Not to be” is a pursuit of mostly worldly love, with a few visits to church, temple, or mosque thrown in. This kind of love is practiced by the mass of humanity. It has it’s great advantages, but it has it’s vast limits as well.

In the spiritual world, there is a progression for "To Be" - to love in totality. I’ll share a secret. The progression, the journey toward totality, is never ending. The end is endless. Nevertheless, this journey is elevating, it’s where contentment reigns. That’s the beauty of this journey - it always gets better and better even in merging. This is the gift God bestows on His blessed "To Be’s."

"To be" means to transition from remaining who you are, to becoming someone more and more spiritual. "To be" love doesn’t exclude worldly love.; it layers it with the depth and time of Infinity. God’s love can and should be experienced in all it’s forms - worldly and otherworldly.  

As "To be" reflects the deeper and deeper love of God, a student no longer judges himself as unworthy. This elevated realization is totally up to God. Therefore, "To be" becomes "Let it be." That is the truth. Let God give you want He wants to bestow upon you as His grace. Don’t limit yourself by getting in His way through denial of your own humility, your own worthiness. Unworthiness is unworthy of you. In other words, it’s unworthiness which limits you - you're not to blame. Unworthiness is just a thought a habit, a memory.

We come from a Western culture which attaches humility with unworthiness. Our unworthiness is looked upon as a sign of humility. “Who is really worthy of God’s love -  not me that’s for sure?” With this mantra, unworthiness is a hard way to find humility. There’s another way.

Sikh’s have a different perspective. We believe humility and worthiness fit together hand and hand. True humility exists where God’s will prevails. If God sees a student as accepting of His will, wherever His will flows, humility is at work. Humility allows serving God deeper and deeper. It takes YOU out of the equation. God makes the rules. Serving Guru ji’s will without judgment is where true humility begins. It’s a sign of true compassion. Compassion is humility at work.

In the Sikh lifestyle, Guru ji’s will commands that in order to experience living in God’s actions, our karma, our fear, our hate, and revenge (Nirvair and Nirbhau) should not exist (compassion rules). This is the way to God’s abode. This is where perpetual immortality is found; where birth and death no longer exist; where "God and me, me and God, are One."

To be fearless and have no hate and revenge, takes humility, real humility. Humility is knowing where "To be" comes from? It comes from God, God’s compassion and, through adapting His will into your will. This takes expansion, mental expansion. "To be" means to expand to "be-come" fearless and revengeless.

In other words, it takes true humility, courage, commitment, discipline, and repeated success to continue advancement in following Guru ji’s will. The exercise of these virtues take an expansion  beyond any human capacity. It can only be satisfied through God’s grace. The surrender that this takes can only be bestowed through the humility of putting yourself in God’s hands - in totally. His direction must be adapted over all other thinking, including and primarily, our own.

Through God’s grace, Guru ji bestows upon a student the blessing of satisfying his mind’s desire without any karma attached. This is God’s payback. As a matter of fact, the gratitude and the love the student reflects for this unbelievable blessing goes right to God’s heart. More and more goodies continue befalling from Heaven’s Gate. All is God’s gift and can’t be judged, denied or rejected. Humility necessitates acceptance of His will and prosperity, patience, and protocol are part of the deal. When the student serves God, God reciprocates. Whether or not its always recognized is another story. 

In the spiritual world, it’s called Total surrender, sacrifice, submission. "To be" is expansion into the protection, prosperity, and propriety of God Himself. "To be" is a  state of being which is the last step before merger, merger unto Infinity. 

So, although "Not to be" may be very rewarding on the worldly level, "To be" is infinitely better. Expansion through humility is the technique. Practice surrendering to God’s will and ALL will be bestowed upon you by He who creates ALL. It’s His show, His game, and His rules. Follow His will and experience this great difference in the experience of not living or dying (Jiwan Mukta), of  being endlessly endless (Unta Beant), and of being perpetually in a deeper and deeper state of love (Wahe Guru). A love which can’t be explained, it must be experienced in totally to understand. Stay tuned,

In His Mercy,

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan Singh