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Yogi Bhajan, To Be, or Not To Be

Sat Nam Dear Family,

"You can have everything if you let yourself be.” This line comes from the depth of 3HO. It’s our theme song. Back in the 60’s, a famous singer, Donovan, sang a song which began, "Happiness runs in a circular motion. Life is like a little boat upon the sea. Everybody is a part of everything anyway, you can have everything if you let yourself be." Do you think that this became our theme song by accident? No way. Please, let me explain.

The goal, according to this song, is "to have everything." I guess it depends upon what that means to each of us, nevertheless, certain inferences can still be drawn.

 In 3HO vernacular, "to have everything" means that the goal is to merge Unto Infinity. As we practice our lifestyle in this pursuit, we discipline ourselves in the art of living truthfully.

So, the pursuit of Infinity is best perfected through perfecting the teachings, our lifestyle. Kundalini Yoga, Diet balancing, Exercising, meditating, you name it. Tolerance, patience, understanding, and forgiveness remains our practice as well. And, Duty, Devotion, Service, and Love, are part of our lifestyle too.

 Is everyone perfect in their practice? Wouldn’t that be boring. Are we perpetually challenged? Our challenge is to keep-up being flexible in adopting the truth into our consciousness. From flexibility of the spine, to flexibility of the mind, to flexibility in relating to the soul, flexibility on all levels is required in our lifestyle. Anything, and I mean anything, that sits stinks! Flexibility is the elixir to all challenges. It's the divine smell of a million lilac in full bloom multiplied by Infinity. It intoxicates to the point of the pursuit its Creator. Where does this smell come from, I want more.

 Our challenge is to keep-up, keep sharp, keep focused, and be victorious through all challenges. Victorious over all obstacles including, and primarily, ourselves. Victory over all is "everything." Whatever comes your way is viewed as a gift from God. All is accepted as God’s will. This way of thinking is not for everyone, but, then again, it is. Accepting God’s will with a smile is the beginning step in climbing the ladder to have Everything, to excel.

Now that we understand the first part, "you can have it all," fine. But what the last part of the sentence, "let yourself be?" This is the command, the teaching, of how to attract having "everything." Isn’t that self-explanatory? Well, if it is, as they say, you’re enlightened, liberated. This song is ours for a reason.

Initially, it appears that this teaching just means to let thing happen rather than involve emotions too much. And, that’s true. It does mean that.

It also reminds us that God is the doer of all, and your interference is unnecessary, unwanted, and uncalled for. It reminds us that service and devotion is who we are. Compassion is the expression of our service and devotion. It declares, once again, every time we sing it, that we are more than ourselves. We are God. We experience this state by serving His will more and more.

"Be" is the key word. ‘Be is what you believe it to be! But there’s more. What is it that’s so necessary to have in order "to have everything?" Let’s first ask, what’s the opposite of "to have everything?" The answer is to have nothing. In other words, without having nothing, you can’t really enjoy having Everything. Without "be," if your lucky enough attract a portion of everything, the portion you have will stink, even if we’re smelling deficient at the time and are immune to the smell. In other words, you can have everything from your perspective, but without the truth, the darkness will eventually eat you up. Combining the truth with Everything must be the cornerstone of life, otherwise, life will stink. Anything less than everything is lifetimes after lifetimes of perpetual inertia, familiar karma.

"Be" has a secret. few know about it, much fewer practice it, and very few experience it. "Be" is a mantra, a true name of God, and there are many. It’s also the experience of the name of God. Pure 3HO. Our beautiful theme song inspires us to greatness. Do you think this happened by accident? I sure don’t.

The depth of this simple song is in its beauty, relevance, purpose, and continuance. Somethings outside ourselves, our awareness, our consciousness, are much better understood in retrospect. There’s a wider perspective and a known consequence of actions which allows us to be much wiser - if we bother to look. The fact is, this song is more relevant today than ever.

This song was one of our teachers, an American shabad. It led and leads as our initial way to success in ‘Everything.’ The experience of the name of God promotes purpose, goodness, and a calling in each which can’t be denied, as does this song.

You can have everything (God) if you let yourself be (carry God’s sacred name). You can have Everything if you carry the true name of God to His satisfaction with you. This experience carries you across the terrible world ocean in a luxury liner. The name of God provides the neutrality, the truth, in viewing nothing and everything and understand both. The true name of God is beyond everything and nothing. This neutrality provides the intuitive answer to this conumdrum.The experience of the name of God is only Bestowed by God, this ship can’t be captured by man, it can only be granted through God’s blessing. It’s God’s biggest gift. The gift of sailing unto merger.with Infinity. Pure 3HO.

Here’s the mystical part, Many years ago while we were at solstice, Donovan showed up. Out of ‘nowhere,’ he presents himself from nowhere to ‘somewhere’ right in front of us. He is introduced as the artist who created and sang our song. He and his wife were wonderful guests. Majestically, Donovan preformed for ‘Everyone’ to singing our/his song. Everyone was in tears, including Donovan. Donovan is a true Irish gentleman, straight out of central casting, only this central casting is located in the heavens, or is this just coincidence? Or, are there too many coincidences which don’t add up and lead to a different conclusion? 

It turns out that the best way to garner God’s attention and approval is through remembering his sacred name. His true name includes all the devotion you can give God in geometric proportions. The name of God is exponentially more potent than anything else in the praise of God, Infinity, Guru ji, etc.

"Let yourself be" becomes the preamble to our 3HO mission. One of our goals is to change the world for better through our lifestyle. The world is catching up. It’s time for us to take the next step. As leaders into the Aquarian Age, whatever good karma we have stored up, let us use it to pray that God continues to protect us through all our challenges, and that He leads us in unity to service in Him name. Stay tuned,

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan Singh