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Yogi Bhajan: Bainbridge Battle

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Much of the time people see what they want, usually at times when they can’t deal with any other view. Let me give you a vivid example.

Ahmaud Arbery is a name and story we all should know, and I’m sure most do. Briefly, he was cornered down, shot and killed. He was black. His murders are white. This happened in a small southern Georgia town. An eleven white, one black jury was a product of what’s called preemptive right. It looked bad, real bad for the prosecution who was arguing for justice for Ahmund.

There was much halabaloo, arguing, and other commotion inside and outside of the courtroom. Despite all the posturing, insulting, and demanding, the case came down to one issue. Were the defendants in fear of their lives when this tragedy occurred? 

The prosecution attorney was not the first to handle this case. The first prosecutor left the case stating that the state had no case. It was a simple he said, she said deal. Reasonable doubt typically wins these court arguments. There was no evidence, direct or circumstantial, to deny reasonable doubt.

Let's see, no evidence, almost all white jury, deep south, local pressure, I could go on. At least the judge was good. He was attentive, engaged, mannerful, and thoughtful in doing the right thing. In other words, a good man, a good jurist. He demonstrated compassion to all.

Then what happened can only be described as the hand of God intervening. The whole nation prayed for this case to be found either guilty or innocent. The guilty prayers overwhelmed God through its need for justice. God acted. When all was down and darkest, prayers never stopped. God heard from all over the world. Mercifully, God granted the prayers of those praying for justice for Ahmund. Guilty was the verdict on all counts of murder was the verdict.

How did this happen? Let me tell you the rest of this story. It’s fascinating. This was a really tough case for the defense, the murders. They really had no defense other than that this is the way things have always been down here. Only the defense team even knew that one of the defendants had recorded much of the event on his phone. Until and unless the defense introduces the recording into evidence, this recording is only available to the defense, and only leaves their hands when they say so. 

In viewing the recording, all three defense lawyers agreed that this shows self-defense as a defense. But, did it show self-defense, or is it a self-professing prophecy, The collective view, may have given them something to hang their hat on. As good lawyers, they believed what they saw. This wasn’t murder, it was self-defense. But, was it really the truth?

Toward the end of deliberation, the jury asked to see part of the recording again. The jury viewed the shooting part again three more times. They were asking themselves the right question. Was Ahmaud Arbery’s actions sufficient evidence to believe that he was a great harm to the defendants?

The jury spoke quickly, loud and clear. In just a short time they answered this question unequivocally, guilty on all counts. The twelve person jury saw the recording one way, while three defense lawyers saw it the opposite way. Let me tell you, I checked on the three defense lawyers; they’re no dummies. They all come well credentialed, maybe too well credentialed for x, law firms.

Why would three well experienced and highly respected attorneys make such a colossal mistake? Why would the introduce evidence that the prosecutor could use against them and win because of it? How does this happen? It makes no sense. I would go into specifics like too many cooks, but the answer is much simpler from my view. It may or may not be your view, but I highly recommend its consideration.

Guru prashad, God’s grace, God’s protection, Gods compassion was the deciding factor. As a Sikh, I’m duty bound and compassionately devoted to serving those whom the system doesn’t work as well for. This recording has God’s hand written all over it. It’s a miracle when three really smart people turn stupid overnight, then return to normal when all is said and done. 

This case was lost, not won. Yes, the second prosecutor did a wonderful job, but without the recording a different outcome would have resulted. The defense providing this tool to defeat themselves is a miracle. All twelve in the jury in a short time found this recording to verify the state's case that this wasn’t self-defense, it was first degree murder - all this in Bainbridge Georgia. “Things, they are a changin."

Stay tuned.

Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan