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Yogi Bhajan: Aquarian Revival

Sat Nam Dear Family,

I remember a song by Marvin Gaye called, “What’s goin on.” Well, that’s what most people are wondering about everything these days. Everything from nations to individuals, and all corporate stops in between, everything seems topsy-turvy. It is, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it. Well, there is, please let me explain.

All this upheaval, in all venues, has the same cause. When this cause is recognized, its nucleus, the core, its basis, is where the chaos and the answer lie and where focus must be. Climate change, social justice, nations united, the pandemic, dharmic reconciliation, you name it, all are effected by the core of this upheaval.

As predicted by the stars, by the saints, by the pundits, by seers, the Aquarian Age is upon us. Change, change, change, is the byword leading into this new age. How long will this take, is it real, and where will it take us, are all good questions?

The Aquarian Age is a shift in the Universal paradigm. Honor in this new age will be bestowed on those who show the most order and justice tempered by real compassion, true compassion. Compassion built on patience; patience built on understanding; understanding built on tolerance; tolerance built on trust; and, trust built on love.

Money has its place, but it no longer rules, and neither do the rules set up for it to continue to rule. A shift in the Universal paradigm is the new rule, the new protocol, in this new age.

How long will this take? That depends upon how much pressure to resist this change and how much continued demand for change challenges this resistance. It could be decades, or years, depending upon how we earthlings proceed: too fast, and revolution is spurred; too slow, and change will get eaten up. Change, like everything, has a balance point.

Where will this new age take us? It will take us to a more spiritual life, one of redemption, relevance, reverence, and radiance. A life of hope, of honor, of self-respect. This is where the Aquarian Age values leads. This will take time. Not everyone is going to be on-board now, or in the future. But, the shift in the standards is real and is he beginning.

A shift from an exploitive world, one fulled with self-interest, will no longer be the goal. The Aquarian Age brings a goal of compassion, helping, sharing with those less fortunate. By the way, this is the goal of Christianity, Sikhism, you name it, any grand religion, they must be stamped with helping others. Whether or not it’s properly followed is always the question Nevertheless, this is the standard set by Guru ji, by Christ, and many others.

Sense is made of all this chaos we’re going through when we get on-board with the paradigm shift and start viewing people and events through the eye of the compassionate. How can this be done? Here’s a good way.

Separate the person from the event taking place or which has taken place. Separate his soul from his actions. His actions play out his karma and have nothing to do with his soul. His soul is his Godly part. No matter what he thinks or does, his soul is pure, Godly. Compassion is found in what pain these actions have to go through to reunite with the soul. He’s has lost contact with his soul through his actions, and karma perpetuates this loss. Compassion is required for such an unfortunate person. Compassion is the only help available to help such a lost person.

“What’s goin on” is actually wonderful, but painful. Change is pain and pain is something we usually avoid even if it’s for our own good. ‘Have we skipped that gym workout today, or yesterday, or next week?’

Some necessary pains are forced upon us, others we avoid, still, others, we mitigate as we can, but change is necessary. The change into the Aquarian Age is necessary. The more we flow with it and not fight it the better off each of us will be. Flow with and practice compassion.

Stay tuned,

In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,
MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
Chief of Protocol
Custodian General of Sikh Dharma
Sangat Representative