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From Persistence to Prosperity: Embracing Truth and Service

Dear Beloved Community,

How much am I truly deserving of? What should I expect from life, and when does self-deception end? Is it better to live in the convenience of illusions or to confront harsh realities? These questions, borne out of self-talk, often lead to a less-than-ideal outcome.

We find ways to numb ourselves, whether through organic means or otherwise, to evade pain. Ignorance and denial become shields against the full awareness of our existence. Some turn to alcohol, music, or food, you name it, seeking refuge from the tumult of reality. The truth is, we're all addicted to something—mostly to the illusions of the world (maya), and some, a few,  to the divine.

The pivotal question to ask is: How much do I truly deserve? The answer unveils the realization that we receive exactly what we believe we deserve, what we receive. Like it or not, that’s reality, that’s karma. Some might protest, "But I want more! I'm worth more! I shouldn't endure so much pain. I'm a good person." Wanting more, believing in the availability of more, is perfectly fine—as long as it serves as inspiration to consciously strive for more, consciously being the operative word.

What is the truth, and how can we attain it? The truth is that, to one extent or another, we are all living a lie. Beyond this falsehood lies the reality of service and devotion to our Guru, our God—the Sikh way. To serve and love more, especially in the sacred name of Wahe Guru, is the essence of this spiritual journey.

Our karma determines what we want and deserve. Karma is a product of both divine orchestration and self-creation. We often overlook the crucial role we play in shaping our destiny. Breaking free from the perpetual cycle of karma requires our identity, our persona, our independent dependency. This is called and requires our free will, or our perceived free will, to take charge and cultivate a discipline of deserving more. Serving God’s will is the best way to deserve more no matter how you do it correctly, correctly being the operative word.

There are various paths to accumulate worldly possessions, but the highest path is to serve and love heavenly paths, God’s path. If we are to commit to a discipline, why not choose the best, the highest? Serving God's will, following our Guru's teachings, is the pinnacle. This discipline transforms our thoughts, words and actions, imparting a self-assuredness that softens life's heavy blows.  Life becomes a flow and no longer a fight when serving God and Guru ji perpetually, once again, perpetually being the operative word. 

For Sikhs, serving and loving God means adhering to the Guru's will. This is our ultimate teaching, our desire, and our completion. Recognition by the Guru is not earned, it’s bestowed. Nevertheless, a good student is positioned for this acknowledgment through alignment with His will. The more God and Guru recognizes us, the more we become a reflection of Him.

By aligning ourselves with our Guru Ji's will, we choose to do what He wants, fulfilling God's desires. This reciprocal relationship results in an abundance of love and blessings. As a student sheds self-deception and fear, embracing the practice of serving and loving the Guru's will allows miracles to unfold, desires to manifest.

Expecting more becomes a truth when fueled by service and love for Guru Ji, leading to a cascade of miracles. Don't take my word for it—try it, and witness the transformative power it holds.

In Perfect Harmony,

Your Partner and Friend in this Journey, 

Hari Jiwan