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Communication Initiates the Voyage into Totality

Sat Nam, Dear Community, 

Authentic communication cannot exist without respect, a respect that acknowledges the right of others to hold differing views and beliefs. Yet, in our collective ignorance, we often dismiss those who do not share our perspectives, labeling them as misguided or simply ignorant. This divisive approach severely limits our capacity to communicate effectively. 

Mercifully guided by Guru's grace, we may glimpse the error in our thinking that fosters such a lack of communication.  It is within our power to reverse this human tendency and seek healing in communication, which is perfected through prayer for tolerance, non-judgment, and love. 

Those who pray for the well-being of others, rather than themselves, find their prayers echoing in the sacred heavens.  These blessed individuals become Gurmukhs, the beneficiaries of Guru's grace, and are granted entry into Guru's court, Guru ji is the true embodiment of God's will in Sikh form. 

The gateway into this court is where the experience of grace is bestowed, and life is rewarded through service in His will.

 Our Guru's Will commands us to wish well to all. How can we fulfill this command if we harbor disdain for those with whom we disagree? How can we serve Guru's will if we view those who differ from us as inherently disagreeable? It becomes evident that the first requirement for entry through Guru's gate is the ability to communicate with all This is accomplished by recognizing that those we perceive as different are, in essence, the same. All souls emanate from God, and the best way to avoid judgment, hate, and anger is by living through Guru ji's perspective. He illuminates how we are all the same as seen from His elevated viewpoint.

 This realization is crucial: we must first acknowledge that we are all perceived as ignorant in the eyes of God. It is a humbling truth, but one that grants us the privilege of being chosen by Guru to enter His garden, His court. True understanding reveals the singular path to follow: to love all, as God created all, embodying the Sikh way of non-judgment and tolerance.This path is not just a boon but a necessary step towards growth, especially for a spiritual seeker.

 Being aware of our own ignorance elevates us from devotees to true followers of Guru’s Will as well. The more we recognize our shortcomings, the more love we need to seek God's grace.  This cycle of self-awareness and devotion is a powerful force, driving us towards a deeper understanding and a purer form of love. 

The energy of creation is a gift from God, available to all. It is fueled by the love of God which is the catalyst for understanding, neutrality, and merging into the truth. 

Without this love, creation cannot occur. The interaction between God's male and female aspects of God is essential for the production of this energy, necessary for the existence of ALL creation, including God Himself. 

In Sikhism, we understand the cost of disrespect. Recognizing the pain it causes reveals the need for more love as a source of inspiration for being more respectful. This understanding is a gift from the heavens, providing the tools necessary for entry into Guru's court and a pathway to God's grace. 

Respect begets forgiveness and devotion. Forgiveness, viewed from a different perspective, is a divine gift that frees the soul from self-judgement and guilt and invites God in. This experience, bestowed by God, is not something we can capture but something that transforms our devotion into a continuous, automatic act.

The culmination of this journey is the experience of God in His pure form of love.  This experience is shared with elevated souls through merger, a transition from the creative reality of existence into the heavenly reality of pure love. This journey transforms our existence from being confined to one world to living in both the seen and unseen, the known and unknown, all of which are merged into the Totality. 

Respect in communication is the generator of this transition.  It is the foundation that bridges the gap between differing perspectives, uniting us in the love of God's soul in all. All souls are the same, part of God, and this understanding is the key to living in harmony with each other and with the universe. 

Stay tuned.

Your friend on this Fantastic Journey In His Mercy,

Hari Jiwan