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Vision for Our Langar Programs

By Ram Krishan Singh

We have a vision...100% Healthy, Delicious, Organic Langars offered at HGRD every day of the week. Seva Sadhana is doing its part step by step to live into this vision.  We continue to produce Tuesday & Thursday langars from preparation and service, to cleanup - and we also help cover the gaps in funding to produce these meals. We believe in this vision, we believe that food is medicine, when prepared in the house of Guru Ram Das the Guru's hand is preparing the meals and all who receive the food also receive the blessing of the Guru.

We would like for this blessing to extend to as many as possible, and as we move forward we would like to expand the Langar program to every day of the week, and also the ability to travel and offer food to people and places in need and special events we are invited to. As we live into this vision, we ask for your support. 

If you believe in this vision, if you'd like to be a part of it, please donate to the cause.  Sign up for a monthly donation of any amount, and your donation will directly go to support the expansion of our Langar Program.  For now we need approximately $450 a month to cover our current langar expenses - that would be 100% organic meals offered Tuesday and Thursday and kitchen cleanup done by local help.  As the Seva Sadhana program grows the help may not be needed, and it may be possible to add another day of langar each week, or a special Friday dinner etc.