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Seva Sadhana Program Needs Your Support!

The Seva Sadhana Program needs your support. Started in 2016, the Seva Sadhana Program is about two years old, and continues to pick up momentum since its inception. In order to meet all operating expenses the program still relies on donations, however a thorough strategy for 2019 promises fiscal solvency by 2020, and the projection for generating abundance and the ability to create more jobs by 2021.

The Seva Sadhana Program serves as a structure for which participants may experience the healthy, happy, holy, lifestyle teachings of Yogi Bhajan. The program offers the opportunity to live in spiritual community, rise in the ambrosial pre-dawn hours and practice Kundalini Yoga / Aquarian Sadhana, and serve selflessly for the good of others and our planet.

In addition to the core foundational pillars of the program, Seva Sadhana also offers daily workshops and classes on the lifestyle teachings, Kundalini Yoga, and Sikh Dharma, and regular activities to meaningfully connect with the greater community..

The Seva Sadhana Program features a 40 day Immersion experience, which leads the participant through the transformative process from self initiation, self awareness, group consciousness, and towards a universal perspective. It empowers participants with practical tools and a foundation of experience which serves to help carry a resilient and healthy lifestyle forward as participants return to their homes and communities. The program serves as a training for self initiated leaders who learn the value of commitment and selfless service - and who are inspired by an Aquarian community embodying the exploration of what is possible / the expansive edge of human consciousness.

The Seva Sadhana Program serves as an Aquarian Training center, helping to spread the teachings of how to live a healthy, happy, holy life - and delivering an experience of living the teachings. In the piscean age knowledge was supreme, in the Aquarian age experience is all that matters. Just as the 3HO Solstices deliver a powerful and transformative experience to all who participate, so too does the Seva Sadhana Program deliver the 3HO lifestyle perpetually throughout the year, it may be seen as a year long Solstice event, serving a similar purpose.

The SSP strives to provide participants with valuable and applicable classes lead by Legacy teachers who were trained directly by Yogi Bhajan, as well as fresh perspectives and inspiration from devoted younger generational Teachers who help carry the Dharma into the Aquarian Age.

The Seva Sadhana Program calls Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, the Mother Ashram, its home. Participants travel to the Land of Enchantment to be greeted warmly and welcomed to the community. In addition to the participants being served by valuable classes, morning sadhana, and community experience, they also selflessly serve the Ashram’s needs. The Ashram is seen as a living entity that freely serves all who come, and so it is a blessing to also serve the Ashram.

Participants help grow the fresh food that is used to prepare the community meals. They work in the kitchen, participating in every part of the blessed process of preparing the community meals and returning all back to its original state of cleanliness. Participants serve the Gurdwara (temple) by helping to prepare for special events, weeky deep cleaning, and even may help serve in the morning Gurdwara services. The program participants join morning group sadhana and create an atmosphere of inspiration and eagerness, inspiring the long time community members as well. The presence of the Seva Sadhana program enlivens and contributes in countless ways to Hacienda de Guru Ram Das; as HGRD shares its invaluable gifts with all who come, both are in turn served - in the organic and natural interchange of life. The program has proven to both attract new community members to come to the Ashram, and provide a landing base for new members of the community to move to Espanola.

The Seva Sadhana Program is a natural outgrowth of the teachings which has birthed HGRD as a Center of Light. The program is the manifestation of a legacy which lives on - providing the opportunity for spiritual seekers from every corner of the globe to quench their spiritual thirst Here and Now, to receive teachings that are practical and applicable for the times, and that is doing its part to ensure a healthy, happy, holy future for our planet.

Please help this program continue through 2020, make a monthly contribution to the program.