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SEVA - The Act of "True Service" Brings Clarity and Peace

Sedonah Sunn

On August 2nd, 2017 I began my drive to Espanola, New Mexico. I was going with the intention of taking the 28 day immersion Yoga Teacher training to become a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

For 3 months prior to this I had been traveling by the Grace of God playing my music freely for peace.  When I set out on my journey to New Mexico, I did not have the funds to take the class only enough to get there.  I was intuitively guided to go with a notion that the money would come.  When I arrived the night before the course, the funds had not shown up.  No one I contacted could offer me a loan and only 1 person gave me a bursary to get there. 

I stopped the car 20 minutes from Espanola and began to question why I was here.  Feeling a little depleted from the long drive, tears began to role down my cheeks.  It was like success always seemed just a step away.  I called a friend and her words soothed my soul she said, "Remember that the way we live our lives is unconventional from most.  Trust in your guidance that led you there and stay open." 

At that moment a rainbow appeared in the sky --- a sign to continue on anyways.  And so that is how life goes when you trust a calling and go anyways the miracles unfold even when you don't understand God's process.