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Garden Report - May 25, 2018

Since February we have been busy. Our lead farm manager Shakti Priya Kaur (Leah) has been diligently serving and guiding Sevadars in garden service for the community.

Together we have planted 2500 onions & 100lbs of potato seed. We've acquired and planted native organic heirloom seed at local exchange, providing a nice variety for the Legacy Garden.

We've received a generous $18,000.00 donation in non gmo vegetable and herb starts from Bonnie's Plants, with more to come.  We are also planting succession crops continuously throughout the planting season - to always have fresh produce ready to harvest.

During a powerful windstorm in April, our smaller greenhouse was blown over, the Sevadars from the Seva Sadhana Program helped disassemble it and made new planting beds for perennial herbs and flowers.

The larger greenhouse was reinvented & rebuilt to withstand the diverse weather conditions of Northern New Mexico.
We are pro active about saving water in this dry climate, currently building an irrigation system for the upper field that uses 1/10th the water of the asequia. This should be functioning June 1, 2018.


We have layered the compost created from Langar and are building a larger composting unit to facilitate a larger garden - more Langar days coming this summer means more compost! Feel free to contribute your own compost and add to the pile. Stay tuned for more details or ask Shakti Priya or Ram Krishan for more details.

We are already harvesting crops of Pak Choi, Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Radishes and Cilantro. Pak Choi was served with the salad in Thursday May 24th's langar.
We spread woodchips to beautify the grounds and also (gardening tip) Juniper woodchips repels grasshoppers!

We are working on a comprehensive design that is both practical and beautifying for the entire garden area and around the Seva Sadhana Nivases. This plan will includes 3 commercial greenhouses, incorporates aquaponics, a living apothecary, and 4 season harvests that can be enjoyed all year long. This plan will be able to produce a large variety of vegetables that can be used at Summer Solstice as soon as next summer, and fresh food for every Langar to come.

We would like to invite the whole community for our next planting days:

Thursday May 31st - Arrive anytime between 10-12:00pm

Saturday June 2nd - Arrive any time between 8:30am to 12:30pm

Saturday June 9th - Arrive any time between 8:30am to  12:30pm