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Who is God?

Sat Nam Beloved Community, Who is this guy God? What can He really do? I can hear the cries now, “This much I know, He’s not doing me any favors. Why should I believe in Him anyway? More wars, dishonor, you name it, have been committed in His name than any other. That’s not right. And, there are those who are so very often offended by intimate relationships that intimacy is to be avoided.” O.K. I get it.

Everyone, at some point in life, even perpetually, will experience God as a real and trusted perception, or not. In other words, God is as you view Him. As a matter of fact, that rule applies to everything as well, although few see it. You get what you see. When the student sees everything as God, reality shifts gears and consciousness is raised to the point of understanding. As things become understood better and better, the veiled pain of ignorance is removed, and the window of perception changes to a positive, healthy reality.

Please don’t accuse me of being "pollyannaish." Understanding means that God’s love is the balance of ALL ways. The love of ALL is sometimes tough love on others. Well then, how does a student love a despicable person?

A Sikh’s way is through the Sacha Padisha, the King of Kings, the Guru's will. This way requires compassion. Compassion can be used to defend as well as attack, ALL under the umbrella of service to God. This sincerity works with Guru ji. He loves it when compassion is a student’s walking stick. He  blesses this service with understanding which is spawned through compassion..

Sikh Dharma requires two things: elevation and protection. Elevation, because without it there’s no need for Sikh Dharma. And, secondly, the need for protection because without it, nothing lasts. Sikh Dharma is not alone in these requirements, but we are real about it.

Those who follow the Guru ji’s will experience a separate reality. At first it’s just hope, real hope. It turns out Sikh Dharma is real and offers an opportunity beyond just hope. That experience comes to all who begin practicing Sikhism. We have no axe to grind, we are here to serve destiny, ours and yours. All you need to do is ask, but, beware, we don’t pull any punches. Hearing the truth from Guru ji’s will can be very disquieting.

The true love of God is the most precious and painful things - both at the same time. We understand the precious part of the equation, but what pain is there in loving God? I thought that He would help us out, not cause pain? Well, you thought wrong.

God’s love becomes real when a dissimilar reality is experienced. This experience provides an invisible sheet or shield placed over our heads protecting us from a lot of useless negativity limiting our lives. It’s a miracle, at least it is to the blessed one who lives it. It can’t be denied. Others may deny it, but that just shows that they’ve never had this experience. They’re criticizing something which they know nothing about. This is about living in a realm of God’s protection. ‘Great, but what’s the pain?’

God’s love is so wonderful that just the thought of losing it is too painful to imagine. Pain becomes a great reminder and teacher that pain borne out of heavenly fear of losing God’s love is a great motivator to surrender more, again and again, to what God wants, not what we or anyone else wants.

God is our focus and serving him through the will of Guru ji is our Sikh way. Serving our Guru ji’s will is our blessing beyond the beyond. He always leads us into Totality. Guru ji’s will merges us into the pure love of Totality. Seeing God thorough this window is the armor of protection verified through the victories of a Sikh warrior. A Sikh warrior does not, will not, and can not be defeated. So long as he fights in defense of Guru ji’s will, protection shall be granted.

Therefore, a Sikh’s only job, duty, is to assure that Guru ji’s will is not only remembered, but lived as well. This is what keeps us protected. We tolerate, communicate, have patience, deal with ALL in kindness. This leads to a deeper understanding, forgives, and love of the soul of ALL. Thinking, speaking, and acting may vary greatly, but our Guru ji’s command is what we think, speak, and act as a representative of His consciousness, His will.This is who God is; this an example of what He can do; This is a window like no other. This is love, true love, pure love between the Guru and His devotee. The relationship becomes reciprocal in that each can’t do enough for one another. Can you imagine God wanting to do more and more for you. Just serve His will and find out. Now, that’s a life worth living. 

 Stay tuned in perfect harmony.

Your partner and friend in this fantastic journey,

Hari Jiwan