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Unta Beant, True Self-Worth

Unta Beant, true self-worth. What’s your life worth? Some time ago, some cultural scientists who wanted to know, arithmetically harvested anything of monetary value in our bodies, like the minerals in our bones, then added up it’s total value. It was estimated that the value of a human life was 78 cents, and that’s before taxes. Today, inflation might have pushed up the value to two or three dollars. Wow! That’s it? I thought I’d at least get ten dollars for my body. 

So it appears that many use ‘monetary value’ as the standard for self-worth. That works on this earth, but not in the heavens. A rounded full life has different standards for different environments. It’s called politics with a cause. A full life balances the heavens and the earth in standards which reconcile any misunderstanding between the two. What about purgatory? Forget it man...we’re not Catholics!

The heavens have a value beyond just monetary value. This added value leads to where virtues rule; where perpetual happiness lies. This state of being where ‘monetary value’ steps aside for happiness. Our Guru grants us the power to sacrifice, then sacrifice itself. These are the last two steps in the progression toward happiness, so sacrificing in the name of virtues is the way to happiness. Our Guru loves it when we sacrifice in following His will. Our Guru’s reciprocation is the understanding and experience of His mantra, Unta Beant.

Unta Beant is the test of heavenly self-worth. What does Unta Beant truly mean? It means that the end is endless, it’s beyond the beyond, it’s of Infinite possibilities. However, there’s a deeper meaning. The meaning above reflects what Unta Beant produces, but what is it’s source? Unta means the core, the essence, the soul of a student. Beant means the rebirth, resurrection, reincarnation of the journey to our true source, our being.

Monetary worth is about the earth, but there’s another story which involves the heavens as well. The heavens do not rely on evidence. There’s nothing to weigh, to trade, to sell. The heavens require faith. Faith has to be believed before it may or may not be experienced. Faith brings up every negative thing our subconscious mind can throw at it. In other words, faith isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. Belief is when your memory carries faith as a habitual function. Then faith becomes real.

The next self-worth question is: What have I become? Where has my faith led me? Have I been in search of my essence or just of my dollars. Do I like myself? Am I self-worthy enough in following a true direction by judging it accurately? What have I put my faith in? Is it what I really want or need? Most answers to these questions come subconsciously, without really consciously being aware of this process. But the answer usually does provide a cover, justifications, rationales, and excuses for bypassing these questions. It’s the easy way out, but it causes the self-esteem monitor to drop or, at least, not increase. If the answer doesn’t relate to the heavens, it becomes a ticket to reincarnation and who knows how many thousands of reincarnations it will take to get another chance at redemption. A good student won’t take that bet, he’ll do it NOW!

This all comes down to one question. If you’re really sincere in finding a true way to true self-worth, to happiness, without taking ‘the risk,’of missing the opportunity of serving God, there are many teachings on this subject, some good, some otherwise. How much are you looking to get and how sincerely you think, speak, and act dictates commitment. If you want the whole enchilada, the total merging with God, then a sincere student must sacrifices his self-worth in exchange for God’s perceived worth of him. It’s a real wake-up call. In Guru’s eyes, we are all idiots but this sacrifice in accepting God’s perception is totally worth it. We recognize that our Guru covers our ignorance, our idiocies. In other words, God becomes our protector, guide, and companion. We may all be idiots, but we were smart enough to do the one thing which trumps ALL others. We sacrifice in doing God’s will. It turns out that it’s a requirement for entry into Gurumukhship, one of the anointed.

When this state of consciousness, of sacrifice, is reached, the experience of God’s love is so real that a good student wants to do more and more in serving his God because that brings him happiness, contentment, confidence, humility and devotion. Praising, serving, loving God more and more is the truth. There’s no doubt about it. Argue about it if you may, but it just shows that the arguer is limited in his experience. Love Him greater and greater and using His love as a reflection. See what happens to you.

When God provides for you, ALL insecurity vanishes as smoke in the wind and values magically appear. Insecurities like hate, fear, anger, jealousy, you name it, become a thing of the past. Now, sans insecurities, how much self-worth do you have? How much are you now worth? Without any insecurities and God’s protection, hasn’t your value gone way up? I know so. Your self-esteem monitor needle will now read off the charts, It’s jumped the earth and entered the ethers, the heavens.

Your worth is a product of what you and God believe your worth to be. When the student’s view matches God’s, our belief is based on your self-worth. It’s a circle of the memory, it has a limit. How much should I get; and how much shouldn’t I get becomes the subconsciouse's mantra. When your self-worth is sourced through God’s love, self-worth becomes priceless. The student has gone from one state of being to another. It’s an acknowledgement of your truth. Life becomes effortless. Duty is still prevalent, but it’s matched by God’s grace. In Sikhism this is called Unta Beant, a life lived and understood through Guru’s grace. It’s the castle of the Gurmukhs, a home in Guru’s court. You are the beloved of Guru. In Sikhism we also call it Intuitive Poise. It’s the graceful understanding of ALL relationships, especially the one with your soul, when the earth and the heavens become ONE. It’s when God created you to carry His flag by teaching the reconciliation between the earth, and the heavens, God’s blessing of Intuitive Poise is bestowed unto us through the understanding, love, and experience of His love. Who knew that we’d find it.

At this point we add the earth and it’s worldly desires into our consciousness, into our being. We can now enjoy them as they now they are blessed by God’s worthiness bestowed upon us. Now, we Sikhs haven’t left anything out. Worldly desires are experienced as God’s gift. God joins us on this ride. Guru is seen everywhere. We enjoy it ALL.

So, again, ask yourself, What am I worth? Use a standard for the heavens which is time honored like Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, you name it, and stick with it through ALL challenges. This is best done by praying for a teacher who can interpret correctly for you what your way is all about. It will save you a lot of time. A true teacher has the caliber to bless the student. A true teacher bestows miracles.

Do not follow your thinking no matter how much you want to believe it. It’s a trap of the memory. It will take you to who you were not an increase in value. Make a great teaching of the world your expression of self-worth. When you become an that expression, reality changes. You become as good as God wills you to be. His will of you becomes unequivocal, unquestionable, and blessed. He has better plans for our lives than we do. You love what He does with you as it’s His will that matters. Life becomes a wonderful and perpetual adventure, a Godly adventure, an adventure of merger. Life is now priceless under ALL standards. This is the self-worth of a Gurmukh. Stay tuned,

In Perfect Harmony, Your Partner and Friend in this Journey,

Hari Jiwan