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Ranch's Lower Orchard Revitalization


“It doesn’t make any difference how great you are if you cannot make the entire environment and surroundings great.”
~ Siri Singh Sahib-1977

The Beautification COV will be initiating projects to improve and uplift our land and structures to reflect the grace and nobility of Guru Ram Das.

This Spring we have chosen to re-vitalize the Ranch’s Lower Orchard. We are asking the Sadh Sangat to help fund 15 new fruit trees to replace dead or dying trees and make this beautiful orchard whole again.

New trees will cost approx. $150.00 each. You can sponsor a tree or contribute any amount to help. The planting needs to happen by the end of May so please jump in quickly to make this project a success.

To contribute, contact Nirbhe Kaur at (505) 927-8665 or (505) 753-7523. Checks should be payable to LYF and mail to LYF, PO Box 1910, Santa Cruz, NM 87567. Please indicate that you are donating to new trees in the memo area on your check.

Thank You! Waheguru!

Sat Kartar Kaur