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Poem on Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the balm that soothes the soul,
A salve that mends the wounds that make us whole,
It's not an easy path we choose to take,
But one that leads us to a brighter wake. 

It's not a weakness, as some may believe,
But rather strength that helps us to achieve,
The peace that comes from letting go of hate,
And finding love that heals and elevates.

To pardon those who've caused us pain and strife,
To let go of the insecurities in our life,
Is to release the chains that hold us down,
And find the peace that makes our heart abound.

But forgiveness does not mean we forget,
The hurt and sorrow that we once had met,
It's choosing to move on and to let it be,
And finding love and grace in what we see.

The understanding of the will of God,
Provides great comfort in our pursuit of Pad,
the progression Sadum, Karum, Shakti, Sahaj and Sat
from infancy to Infinity is our plot.

In forgiveness, we can start anew,
And build the bridges that connect me and you,
And though the scars may still remain in sight,
Forgiveness is the key that brings us to the light.  

Let us choose forgiveness, let us see,
The healing power it holds for you and me,
And let us live with grace and open hearts,
Forgiving all, and playing our own parts.

Let us strive to pardon and release,
The pain and anger that disturbs our inner peace,
For in forgiveness, we find the way to heal,
And open up our hearts to love, and kneel.

Stay tuned,

In His Mercy,
Your Friend,

Hari Jiwan