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Our Legacy Garden

By Prabhu Singh Khalsa

The legacy garden has embarked upon a journey of becoming a productive organic farm. Productive in the ways of produce, income, jobs, teaching, and serving. Growing along with the organic produce will be opportunity, prosperity, goodwill for the community, knowledge, self-reliance, and food security. In-line with being organic and sustainable, the garden will use the latest technologies of organic gardening, including hydroponics, vertical growing, and photovoltaic power for the greenhouse. Expected results include 12 months of high density crop yields, reduced water usage, simplified pest control, and minimal weed control.

Currently money is being secured for the initial build-up of infrastructure, including a 8640 square foot greenhouse, of which more than $54,000 has already been pledged by generous donors. It is expected that revenue will be generated within 3 months of the operation being stood up and that it will be profitable within the first year. To begin with there will be three full time employees, several part-time employees, and the opportunity for sevadars from the sangat and the Seva Sadhana program to participate. It is expected that, once fully operational and profitable, there may be up to six full time employees.


Already there is exists a carefully thought out business plan, including a legal plan, a financial plan, and a site plan. In these plans are details for site usage, including existing and planned infrastructure, potential revenue streams with hard numbers, and the way the business is structured. As the Legacy Garden will be doing business via Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Corporation, our very own non-profit, any donations will be tax-deductible.


It is an exciting venture that is truly a blessing and a boon for each one of us and hopefully we can all lend time, energy, labor, money, and/or prayers for the ever growing success of our Legacy Garden.


Legacy Garden will be an income generating organic farm, operating under Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Corporation, a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) under New Mexico law. The Garden will provide employment opportunities and support HGRD Ashram initiatives, including the Langar Kitchen, the Seva Sadhana Program and Community Development, by providing high quality organic produce, for local use and sale to the broader northern New Mexico community.

 ~ Kirpal Singh Khalsa