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Numerology Forecast for April 2024

The month of April is a time when we can make a bold step forward, as long as we temper the tempo with logic and reason. The number 4 represents the Neutral Mind, and it is a neutral, steady, and balanced plan that will win the prize. This is not always an easy approach to maintain, as we are presently navigating a time of an increasingly intense reactivity towards any differing opinion that is expressed.

Within your own mind, chart out a reasonable goal for yourself and take the steady steps to achieve that goal. This is a “Tortoise and the Rabbit” paradigm, so don’t get distracted by the fireworks going off around you. Number 4 requires us to stay the course, and not skip steps, even with the best of intentions.

In the positive polarity, number 4 represents the themes of work, service, reliability, honoring your word, speaking from the heart, and maintaining neutrality amidst conflict.

However, when it goes into the negative polarity it can be reactive, judgmental, intolerant, and speak unkind words. In the negative, number 4 has an affection for the word “should.”

As in, “Well it just should be this way, and it’s so obvious, why can’t you see it!” There are other contributing factors adding to this, and we’ll explore those in a bit. For the present, know when to step away from a conversation before it gets totally out of hand.

Reflecting for a moment on the overall number for this year, which is an 8, nearly everything occurring on the planet will have an element of competing for power. There are positive power plays, and there are ones that will have an aggressive and bullying approach. To the best of your ability it is important to establish lines of conscious communication within your immediate social circle. Bringing the number 4 back into the picture, using language like, “Yes, I know you think he’s an idiot, but let’s try not to judge him. Let’s create a common ground where he feels included and his opinion matters.”

Just hearing someone out, whether you agree or not, can go a long way to calming the waters. Using a dramatic example, in the world of hostage negotiation, the top negotiators have said the chances of getting the hostages out is largely dependent upon the other person knowing that you know why they did it. Interesting factoid.

On the sunny side of the street, we have some good news in the Heart calculation. This month’s Heart number is a 10 (Heart is month of 4 + Gift of 6 = 10), and number 10 has an “All or Nothing!” winning spirit and attitude. This is the month for the new Spring garden, exercise routine, teaching or taking a class, or any endeavor that has a self-nurturing effect. Self-nurturing is a way to create balance in your life, and self-balance is one of the cornerstones of health and healing.

Looking further in the Heart of 10 for this month, it is important to note that 10 is the archetype of the King, the Queen, or the Warrior! In the positive polarity the King or Queen is a kind and benevolent ruler, considering the welfare of all. However, when it goes negative it can be tyrannical and tunnel-visioned. This dynamic will be playing itself out in global politics, so keep your cool and your distance as swords clash and sparks fly.

The Solar Eclipse on the 8th of this month is instigating an upheaval of power structures that are not in alignment with the Aquarian Age. It is a seemingly slow process, however, we can have the greatest benefit of this shift in our own lives by recognizing where we have been giving our power away. This most often occurs in our relationships, so by noticing where the pinch is and then having a conscious dialogue about it can ward off a pattern of entrapment by convenience.

It takes energy to break free, and energy combined with consciousness is the new dynamic-duo of liberating one’s own self from the chains of codependence.

The roots of codependence in part come from childhood programming that makes you feel as if you can’t receive love or approval by just being your simple original self. Love is conditional, as in, “Behave this way, or you’re on your own kid.” When we own our own heart, we own our original self and the joy connected to our purity and innocence.

There is a way back home, and that way can be through the “Meditation for the Heart Center.” This practice helps to clear trauma from the heart and set a frequency within yourself that acts as a filter and shield against negative energy.


I have often thought that our educational system needs to have a “Communication and Relationships” class in High School. Young people hate to be told what to do, so a better way to teach is through something that is experiential. Film is a powerful conveyer of human experience, and instead of telling kids, “Be careful what you sign up for, look before you leap!” why not have them watch the film “The Bridges of Madison County.” In all of two hours and fifteen minutes you will walk away with an unforgettable experience.

Bringing it all into to the present moment, the 2024 Academy Award winner for Best Original Screenplay, as well as 4 other nominations, is “Anatomy of a Fall.” It’s a mystery, and you’ll never figure it out. What you can figure out is, “Hmm, maybe I will communicate better, and in a more timely way when things get off track in my next relationship.” Circling back to the idea of film for youth and education, I was fortunate enough in High School to take a contemporary film class, and it saved me from a ton of crap. Watch someone else suffer, then you don’t have to.

With all the divisiveness in the world, it is helpful to have a goal of gathering with others for elevation and camaraderie. You can consider the Summer Solstice celebration in New Mexico as one of your better options. Connecting with the land, meditation, exercise, chanting, sharing food, and making new friends is just about the best medicine I can think of for these times. You can get more info on this at the

website. Life flies by, and the experience of our life is often determined by how high we can fly.

We all want to fly with the eagles, in the pure and pristine air of integrity, love, and kindness. Nesting with others in the enchanting land of blue skies and mountain ponderosa is a way back home to your original self.

May the Heavens shine over you, and may the winds of change gently guide your ship of dreams to the safe haven of those who would honor and cherish the purity of your heart.


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