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March Numerology Forecast

The month of March is a tutorial in prioritizing your personal needs over the demands of others. One false step, and you’re gonna feel the hurt. It is a time where we need to develop within ourselves the ability to reset-regroup-recharge; all within a flashpoint of time and space. It is necessary to develop a hair-trigger efficiency in response to rapidly changing circumstances, while having your basic needs in place in order to sustain yourself. The energy on the planet will be accelerating, and our sensitivity to ourselves is essential to remaining calm and balanced amidst the chaos.

In the positive polarity, the number 3 of March represents the themes of creativity, nurturing, the Positive Mind, food, social connectivity, and a “can-do” spirit. However, when it goes negative, number 3 is angry, worrisome, depressed, and potentially destructive to one’s own self or others.

One of the characteristics of the 3 energy is that it can vacillate wildly in its emotional spectrum. This creates an instability in people’s behavior, which at times can descend into a childlike tantrum. The experience of, “Gee, I can’t believe he flew so off the handle over that.” will not be uncommon.

The number one thing to remember this month is, “Don’t go where Angels fear to tread.” Know your reasonable abilities and limits, and stay within your own safety zone of effectiveness. If you do see a situation that you sense would benefit from your help, know that having a nurturing approach will help the most. Saying something like, “Yes, I’d be angry about that too. Let’s sit down for a moment; I’d really like to hear why you’re so upset. Oh, and hey, would you like one of these organic tangelos I just got at the market?”

Bringing food into the equation is actually a very powerful way to calm the waters and relax the psyche of another person. It shifts the focus and opens up a space of receptivity.

The ability to shift the focus is one of the most important techniques this month, whether it be for yourself or someone else. We all can hit a wall when working on a project, and instead of burning ourselves up in anger and frustration, just change gears. Step away for the rest of the day and engage with a different activity.

The “burning up in frustration” experience will hit a peak on the 6th, 15th, 24th, and 30th, so fly under the radar during these days. The numbers 3, 6, and 9 are of the Fire Element, and we have number 3 for the month, 6 for the Gift (last two digits of year), and 9 in the Heart calculation (Heart is month of 3 + Gift of 6 = 9). That’s a lot of fire energy! We can use this energy to burn through the negativity and create great things, or burn up ourselves in anger.

If you have children, keep them well-hydrated. Brewing up a big pot of mint tea, adding honey and lemon, and then chilling it in the fridge is a good way to have a soothing beverage on hand. Remarkably, a lot of bad decision-making stems from a combination of being dehydrated and having low blood sugar. The brain just doesn’t work right under these conditions. Another good chill-pill remedy is to get a plastic bucket, fill it half full of warm water, and add a few drops of either lavender or eucalyptus oil to the water. Sitting at the table or on a stool in the kitchen (linoleum floor), have your child soak their feet in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also throw a few tangelos into the equation, if you like. Teach your children these self-care techniques, and you are empowering a new generation of self-reliant people.

We can use the number 9 in the Heart calculation this month to our best advantage. Nine in the positive polarity is focused, passionate, highly intuitive, and embodies a masterful creative expression. Engaging with a new project that you feel personally inspired about is a great way to channel all of the emotional intensity in the air. Initiate something that you and you alone are in charge of and are making all the decisions. This lends itself well to the overall number for 2024, which is an 8. Number 8 likes to feel empowered and in control, calling the shots and having the final say.

With all of the fiery forces circulating now, it would be a wise decision to incorporate something cooling into your routine. The Sitali Pranayam is your best bet for a quick adjustment that will calm and soothe your mind. Practicing this for even 3 to 5 minutes will create a tangible shift in the flow of the psyche. Sometimes simple is best. Link:

This is a time to maintain your energy, and choose your battles and your blessings wisely. Not everything has your name on it to fix, and then again, there are moments when your presence can have a “soothing the savage beast” quality and effect. The touchstone of your intuition is your point of navigation for these decisions. It’s not always a pretty picture out there in the world, so keep your safety and well-being a high priority as you maneuver the unfolding landscape.

After further thought, I think I will include the “soothing the savage beast” story. A few weeks ago I drove to a local outdoor taco stand to get some food to go. As I drove into the parking lot I noticed a disheveled young man wildly pounding on someone’s windshield and swearing/screaming out loud. I actually considered just driving away, but for some reason decided to park my car and approach the taco stand to order food. As I waited for my food order, the young man drew closer to the taco stand, and sat on a trash can near the menu board. He was slouched over, and mumbling incoherently into an imaginary cell phone. After a moment of intense personal debate, I thought to myself, “I’m going to risk it, there are other men around to back me up if anything goes wrong.” So, when my food order came up I asked the server to add in an extra bag of chips and salsa. Then, I slowly approached the young man and said, “Hey, this is for you.” He appeared to awake from a desperate slumber, and with all the energy of a starving puppy said, “Oh, wow, really? Oh, thank you so much.”

May the stars of good luck and your highest good fortune bless you on your Soul’s journey, and may the Angelic whispers guide you on the secure and protected path homeward.

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