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A Long Lasting Tradition of Service

Congratulations and many blessings to all the Sevadars for another successful annual seva of serving the Good Friday Pilgrims!

Many grateful and thirsty walkers and their families were served on Good Friday, from 6:00 am until about 10:30 am in this, our now decades-long service to our community. 

I am so proud and grateful to Prabhu, Hari, Sita and Gurupal and all the blessed sevadars of HGRD, for keeping this wonderful service going, something I helped create long ago as Jethadar of the Outreach Missal and for which I had always brought my sons along since they were little to serve and help out.
The Siri Singh Sahib was so happy, when he was alive, that this tradition was continuously kept up for many, many years.

The pilgrims are happy, the sevadars are happy and blessed and it is the honor of all those who serve to be able to so sweetly combine the essence of two faiths into a mutual celebration of spiritual connection and celebration. 

About five years ago, I was able to come down from Albuquerque to help serve again as I had for many years before. 

The day before, as I was driving in to help with Thursday prep, I became excited as I saw the walkers along the highway, beginning their pilgrimage even from as far away as Albuquerque and Algodones. 

It always gives me such an amazing feeling thinking of the generations of these local families who have raised their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to participate in this sacred tradition of faith.

The next morning as we were serving hot tea to the pilgrims a young man about 25 or so years of age thanked me and told me a lovely story.

He told me that his grandfather before he had passed away 18 or so years previous had wanted to do the Pilgrimage one last time with his family (albeit very slowly & in stages, some in the car, some by foot.)

This young man said that when he was a child & they were passing our serving area and he saw the drinks and treats that he asked his grandfather if he had any money so that he might buy a treat. 

He said that his abuelo told him, “Oh no nieto, there is no charge.  This is a free service, a kind act of friendship between our communities.  These fine folks are part of our Valley and part of our Pilgrimage tradition now. They are always here. Get whatever you like and please remember to say, Gracias.”

Years ago when I told the Siri Singh Sahib stories of peoples' happiness and gratitude at our service, he had such joy and a gleam in his eye. He told me “This is the very best thing. Make sure that it always continues!”  

Thank you to all involved for keeping this important tradition and seva alive!

Many, many blessings! ~ Amrit Kaur, mother of Prabhu & Hari Singh