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January 2024 Numerology Forecast

Welcome to the new frontier, the big bold calendar year of 2024. The ever unending flow of time and space has set forth a new paradigm, and we will need to adjust ourselves accordingly. The number 8 of 2024 represents the themes of power, energy, finance, healing, and our ability to remain fearless amidst wildly changing circumstances. Number 8 is the Air Element, and as powerful winds of change move across the planet it will be our internal compass of self-resolve that will keep us standing tall and strong.

The month of January gives us a chance to catch our breath before the year really cranks up. The Heart number for January is a 7 (Heart is month of 1 + Gift of 6 = 7), and number 7 always needs time to think things through. Ask yourself the question, “Who can I trust, and where do I need to create greater self-reliance in my life?” The number 1 of January requires us to establish a firm foundation of independence, inner grit, and initiative spirit. It is true to say that community and relationships are an important part of keeping yourself together, and at the same time it is ultimately your own self-reliance that is the tie-breaker to maintaining your well-being.

Now is the time to sort out in your own mind where you can count on the significant others in your life, and where you’re on your own. This will save you from losing energy when you hit a crossroads of conflict in your communication. It could go something like this, “But you said you were going to take care of it for me; you’ve put me in a really bad position now, how could you go back on your word!” Yep, that would certainly be wrong of the other person, however, will you have the ability to pivot, roll, and stand up straight again?

You will if you don’t set yourself up for disaster by putting all your eggs in one basket, and trust someone who may not have the capacity to come through, inspite of their best intentions. This is a critical awareness to have, as many people are feeling so stressed-out they can’t function as they normally would. And the increase of self-medication is contributing heavily to this.

Having a self-reliant and lucid state of mind is your greatest point of power in 2024, so let’s take a look at how to establish this for ourselves. Number 8 is the Air Element, so working with our breath is essential to remaining healthy, fearless, and efficient in a wind tunnel of uncertainty.

One of your best bets towards establishing a base of power and ease for yourself in 2024 is to practice the “Eight Stroke Breath for Energy and Stress Relief.” It is a simple back-to-basics approach to keeping yourself in good health and optimal mental clarity. There is an overall lack of clarity that is ailing the world at this time, and the stress and anxiety this creates in the human psyche is eating people alive. Get your house in order, and order up something new for yourself. Vitality creates victory, and that’s what you really want! Link:

Number 8 is the archetype of the Healer, and there are many ways to be a channel for healing in the world. Something that absolutely amazed me, and almost couldn’t believe when I heard it, was the announcement that Pope Francis has declared the Catholic Church is now in approval of granting a blessing to same-sex couples. In the words of the church, “The church’s doctrine says blessing is abundant and inexhaustible. Such blessings are meant for everyone; no one is to be excluded from them,” the declaration says. This will be an enormous source of healing for many people, and will likely improve the dynamics within some couple’s extended families. The power of acceptance and inclusivity is a potent prescription for healing the heart and soul. We are stronger and better people when we don’t throw each other overboard. Go Pope Francis!

Looking to the world of teas for healing, one of my favorites is Ram Das tea. It is a simple combination of black cardamon pods and fennel seeds. Black cardamon is said to be good for the heart and liver, while also being a natural relaxant. Fennel is said to be good for digestion and the skin. If you combine 4 black cardamon pods and a teaspoon of fennel seeds to 2 to 3 cups of boiling water, and let simmer for 20 minutes, you will have a delightful beverage. Adding milk and honey to the brew will give you a super-relaxing bedtime tea.

We have 6 days this month that are good for planning, organizing, and initiating new projects. These days are the 2nd, 9th, 11th, 18th, 20th, and the 29th. In our strategy month of January, know that being in a hurry will not work for you. Having a contemplative steadiness, and letting things come to you, will achieve the best results. There will be an overall tendency this year to push for things out of insecurity, and you just don’t want to go down that road. Also, taking short-cuts to a desired destination will likely land you in a ghost town of broken promises and dreams. Do your own work; chop your own wood and carry your own water.

Coming back to the idea of having an “internal compass,” we know that a compass operates on the function of a magnetic pull approximately 1200 miles from the North Pole. This is called “magnetic North” in the world of navigation. Where is our pull, and what is it that is guiding us in our lives? Is it a higher calling, a personal goal or vision, or might it be a code of conduct we adhere to? Do we stick to our code, or do we get worn down by the road? These are all issues that will be decided by humanity this year. When you are known for your code, people will trust you and your actions.

The number 1 of January calls us to initiate within ourselves a reset, a recalibration of our internal compass to our own magnetic North. Then, we need a practice that will give us the energy and endurance to lean into that direction. In the 1984 film “The Karate Kid,” Mr. Miyagi has Daniel-San practice seemingly nonsensical exercises and tasks till he is bored and frustrated. Then, after the foundation is set, the teacher shows the student how it was the preparation for greater things. This is a really great film for children of all ages to watch, as it illustrates the importance of having a personal code, and how the self-respect of maintaining one’s own code strengthens the spirit.

We need to feed and prepare ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually to traverse the coming times. Elevate yourself, and through that higher point of elevation shine a light so others may find their way.

May this New Year grant you the blessing of your own inspired vision, and may the Angelic forces of grace and fortitude shine their light on the path before you, illuminating the protected path homeward.

Peace to all, light to all, love to all.

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