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How do we deal with grief and loss?

By Sat Sundri Kaur

Many of us are dealing with grief and loss during these days. Grief and the mourning process are natural and normal with the loss of a loved one and many other types of loss that come with life. It is good to be aware of the process and how to help yourself heal (or help others) through the process. How we can talk to others about our loss; and how we can learn to listen deeply to others' grief. is an online platform that is helpful to many people. I am in northern NM (US) and in Santa Fe, we have Gerard's House - a grief support center for children, teenagers, and their families in addition to many other resources. For more information, or if you need assistance, contact them at (505) 424-1800 or I am trained as a hospital Chaplain and am a minister. On social media (instagram/facebook) I appreciate my peers' wisdom: for instance Amar Atma's posts. Have a listen to HealGrief posting below. Be kind.