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Guru's Gate 1997

By Richard Ian Greene

As I left the Sunday Gurdwara service, Yogi Bhajan and a number from the Darbar accompanied me to my car (an old Subaru with tinted glass). The car was parked near the west entry to the Gurdwara. Yogi Bhajan asked what was in the back of my car. I said, “Nothing important, Sir.”  Yogi Bhajan laughed and instructed security to search my car. They opened the hatch and retrieved two rather ordinary 2’x2’ Moroccan pieces of wrought- iron painted white. Yogi Bhajan announced, “Richard, wait and see what our craftsmen will do with this simple bit of mental.”

About a month later we beheld the “Gurus Gate,” the hand–crafted elegant west gate that now welcomes worshipers to services.

The parable, I’m sure, was evident to students of Yogi Bhajan.